So? Where’s the change?

Geez, Louise.

Where do we send our complaints? He’s been president for 23 hours, (and dancing for 6 hours of the time, by my count) and what has he accomplished?

NOTHING! NADA. NOT ONE THING. Well, OK, he stopped the Gitmo horror show. He stopped all environmental law changes Bush tried to shove through at the last minute. He participated in a 2,000,000 person march where not one person was arrested. He has 9 of 12 key advisors and secretary posts filled, with the others coming today. He has reached across the aisle and met with conservative writers and pols, congratulated and celebrated John McCain’s career, invited GOPers to join his administration, met with military and economic leaders, advised foreign governments of our short term plans, kept on Sec. Def Gates to keep things steady in the DOD, and danced with his wife.

I don’t know about you, but I expected a hell of a lot more. I mean, like where’s the financial bail-out bill?  . . . . Oh, it’s already written and has been submitted to congress? OK, Where’s the Iraq withdrawal?  . . . . The generals have been ordered to make reasonable plans to withdraw, safely, and carefully? Oh.  OK, so what about the infrastructure?  . . . .  Huh? He ALREADY has a plan in place to fix roads, bridges, and improve our electric grid, and has plans to update the internet, and use green power technologies?

How about Afghanistan. HA ! GOTCHA. . . . . Oh. He started negotiations with NATO and Afghan leaders to seek out a third way, negotiating peace and offering  real rebuilding?  OK, North Korea. He has done NOTHING about North Korea throughout his whole administration!  . . . . . Say what? He has an en expert group drafting a letter and request for multi party meetings?

Here’s one. He totally IGNORED Israel/Palestine! HA!   . . .  What? He’s sending George Mitchell, the former senator who brought peace to Northern Ireland, to start a new round of talks with a whole new approach?

OK, smart ass. What about the ecology, clean water and clean air? HE’s done NOTHING! HE’s a failure as president. . . .  What do you mean, he’s got executive orders planned to reverse 8 yrs of attacks by the prior president? 

And to think this is only Day 1. Be still my heart.



Who gave him authority to freeze White House salaries above $100K?

HOW DARE HE open up FOIA requests?

And dammit, these lobbyist  rules will make effective bribery really tough.



  1. DejaVuAllOver

    As one who has been guilty of being a little hard on Obama lately, I must offer an analysis that I think is probably a common one. After the eight years of Hell we’ve endured, it’s taken a while for my nervous system to adapt to a (hopefully) new set of stimuli. Obama’s cabinet and the cancer of our government still scare the daylights outa me, though. Assuming he’s a good and honest man, unlike his predecessor, it will still take a tremendous amount of courage and intestinal fortitude to stand up to the bankers, capitalists, mercenaries and racists that run the machine. I wish him extraordinary strength and success.

  2. MrHoppy

    So far, Obama has officially declared the troops would stay in Iraq for 16 months and keep Gitmo open for another year. That is exactly the opposite of what he said he would do.

    Why do we keep falling for this? Because the media is controlled by the Ashkenazi Jews like everything else in this country. Obama once worked for CIA and the CIA works for the rich Jews that print and inflate our money illegally.

    Why do we keep getting elected leaders with ties to CIA? That’s right, Obama worked for a CIA front company BIC Business international corporation.

    A mystery man, with no apparent past but clearly born in Kenya. Maybe that is why the oath of office is flubbed, he is just another puppet for a shadow government.

  3. ChescoRes


    It might be time for MrHoppy to take a nap.

    Paragraph 1: Please go back and read what happened during the campaign. This is EXACTLY what he said he would do. Did you expect him to have all the troops home and Gitmo closed on Day 1?

    Paragraphs 2 & 3: You get credit for coming up with a NEW conspiracy theory. At least it’s one I never heard before. Beyond that, what it really shows is that you’re an idiot.

    And finally Paragraph 4: Remember a minute ago when I gave you credit for coming up with an original conspiracy theory?


  4. Carl Nemo

    Hi Mr. Hoppy,

    Although some may ridicule your thoughts concerning the possibility of President Barak Hussein Obama having worked for the company, it’s not too far fetched considering he was working as a research assistant at BIC.

    I’ve posted a number of articles to this site about the presidency having been compromised by the CIA with the assassination of JFK and beyond and most assuredly during the Reagan/H.W. Bush era to present.

    Possibly ChescoRes et al. might enjoy following the information on this Wiki link concerning the Business International Corporation. Their CIA affiliation reference is at the very bottom of the page.

    Although it doesn’t bother me, you’ve made too many references to Jews rather than the Israeli state along with it’s sympathizers and assets. Referencing Jews is how they always get away with accusing a writer of engaging in antisemitism; ie., commentary related to race rather than the Israeli state and their shadowy, world-influencing agenda.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. mastergame

    I like your anti-Semitic comment. Blame the Jews… the smallest minority religion on the Planet sure does attract a lot of attention from ignorant fools such as you.

    The next time you go to a hospital, ask whose money funded it. You will be surprised to note that Islamists are not involved in building much; just raping the entire planet every day by selling us petrol that costs them fewer than two dollars to produce for as much as they please. All this was designed to punish America and the World for any support they gave Israel after the IDF soundly kicked the crap out of all the loser Arab countries put together who attacked her for no reason other than jealousy. How come Jews cannot live in Arab lands while they can be Israeli citizens?

    The size of Arab lands exceeds the size of the entire USA. Israel is almost invisible if you look at a map of the North Africa area. Yet geniuses such as you who fail to realize that ghettos were invented not to harm our black brothers and sisters but to keep Jews from succeeding. Jews were forced to be money lenders and merchants ONLY; they could not be doctors, lawyers or any other profession. Then ignorant people like you could come to accuse the Jew of being a money lender!

    Just as other jealous ignorant people have expressed hatred of Jews and a desire to obliterate them, most do not understand that by pogroms, rampant state sponsored murder of Jews (and theft of their property and moneys), the Inquisition and before that the Crusades were all designed to kill and steal from Jews what they rightfully built EUROPE WAS BUILT.

    Germany was a bankrupt nation, where did they get their money!? From the Jews they murdered. The Swiss banks were filled with Jewish moneys that they absconded with. Recently they admitted their crimes and threw each Jewish survivor a roll of quarters to pay them off… Ha!

    Those like you who put down the Jew are typically jealous because you cannot figure out how 15 million people could wield such power in a world filled with 6,000,000,000 humans if you can call this animal that.

    Visit and see how every couple of years another European and Arab land expelled the Jew and stole their property and money.

    This country and Europe cannot deny the contribution Jews made. You on the other hand have a hair up your behind against Jews because someone taught you stupidities that you bought.

    Go to the site above and see how many crooked Popes were actually married, how many Arabs received the Nobel Prize compared to the overwhelming number of Jews. Yes you will find degenerates amongst the Jewish population, however apples to apples nobody does more for the Planet’s well being than the grow oranges in the desert Jew.

    Remember the many World powers that attempted to obliterate the Jew. With a Friend in High Places it is not that easy to accomplish.

    Now start whining about Palestinians (who are these people anyway) who lived in the land of Israel, in God we Trust but not in His Word. God gave the land of Israel to whom He pleased. You and your ilk want to undo the covenant between the parts for about 4,000 years, it isn’t going to work buddy.

    Richard Ackermann

  6. woody188

    Did you check under your couch cushions for that change?

    Seriously, the stimulus isn’t going to work. Too little money, too much focus on increasing debt and not enough policy/trade changes to make it work. At best it is only going to extend the down turn and forestall the crash. And no one knows how our kids and grand-kids are going to pay for all this government excess. Most say they will be paying up to 75% of their earnings on taxes.

    GITMO is still open. Though the torture might have stopped, the people there have still been imprisoned for 7 years in solitary confinement without trial or charges. It’s still up in the air what to do with these people. Most of their own governments don’t want them back. Many have gone insane while in our care.

    He is drawing down Iraq troop levels only to re-deploy them to Afghanistan and probably Pakistan.

    His cabinet consists primarily of old Clinton Administration appointees and one Bush appointee still running the DOD.

    He sided with Israel in their recent genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza claiming it was a right of defense.

    Pelosi and Reid are still in charge of the Senate.

    Yup, pretty much everything is still the same as it ever was. Business as usual for the DC crowd.

  7. John1172002

    Maybe he forgot his lithium. Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia to me. Plus an unhealthy dose of antisemitism. Bet he talks to the statues in church, and they answer back.


  8. metro

    Mr. Hoppy,
    Pointing your finger means three fingers are pointing back at you. Your note was dreadful…

  9. spartacus

    MrHappy: You seriously need your meds.

    It’s a proven fact that the President was born in Hawaii, NOT Kenya.

    Your anti-Semetic ramblings are disturbing to say the least. The rest of it, well, just please take your meds.

    We finally, after 8 long, miserable, dark years have a GROWNUP in office!

    Thank God!!!!!

  10. DejaVuAllOver

    I would like to point out that the zionists are a political party whose policies and agenda are based on fundamentalist religious (extremist) beliefs. Like Carl Nemo said, let’s keep race or religion out of it. However, like the Christian Right has recently learned, if they want to get involved in politics, all is fair. The Jewish Right (zionists) have been playing hardball politics for a long time now, and as such should fully expect the opposition to do the same. This is fair, just and essential to our democracy.

  11. mastergame

    Funny double entendres… I like you praise of Obama couched in put downs.

    To those that are in fear that Mr. Obama’s policies will bring us down, let me tell you this:

    He will force insurance companies to pay for health club benefits. That will lower the diabetes epidemic levels; it will save untold billions of dollars by preventing disease and bring the mental acuity of Americans to a level that has never been seen before.

    This man has vision. I just hope he finds a way to make the whore bankers (most of whom are WASPS) to pay taxes. These degenerates make people pay as much as $39 dollars to notify them that a check they wrote was against insufficient funds. Today they could send you an email telling you a check came in and we returned it. Why charge outrageous monthly service fees and then hit people with stupid fines for NSF checks? The banks ought to stop charging 31% and more for credit cards whose account holders are paying late. Nobody notices that the banks that are robbing all of us, then taking tax money to buy other banks ARE NOT JEWISH PEOPLE THEY ARE EVERYTHING ELSE!

    Obama will do fine, he is brilliant and has surrounded himself with bright people as he well should. Those of you in the peanut gallery, I have some advice: Zip it. Shut up and mind your business… Obama is minding the country after a buffoon of a chimp with a crooked Congress (voted unanimously under Clinton to allow for the unfunded credit swaps and other crimes that got the World economy to blow up) ran it into the ground.

    Terrorism, 911.
    Terrorism, 911.
    Terrorism, 911.
    Terrorism, 911.
    Terrorism, 911.

    That was the Republican War Cry… only to fool us into allowing the oligarchy into robbing the rest of us some more. As far as I am concerned even this bank debacle supposedly caused by SIX PERCENT I REPEAT SIX PERCENT of the total mortgage pool!?? is another hoax to rob the people.

    Fools 911 is our Pearl Harbor, a raison d’être to attack Iraq. We needed an excuse to stick our noses where we have no business being…

    Obama cannot get the troops out next week and anyone that thinks that is how it should be shows what a childish mind they use. You want to close GITMO and release criminals (one of whom went to Yemen to be head of Al Qaeda) into the Planet so they can come back to blow us all up?

    How come Bush allowed only ONE airplane into US air space the day after 911? The one carrying the Osama family and Saudis out of the US to protect his partners in the oil business. Have you thought about how much the fortune of the Bush family grew while the rest of us starved?

    Bush was asked: “Do you think we will ever find Osama bin Laden?” his reply: “I don’t know.”

    What do you expect from a moron like Bush?

    Get on your knees and thank God that Obama is in power. And remember, those that decry socialism in the face of what is happening to the masses all over the World are simply fools that imagine themselves in need of the protections allotted to the rich and ultra rich by the oligarchy in power.

    Communism showed it could not work because this is the Inhuman Race. However, most of the rich get there by stepping on others, lying and cheating so what if they give up more of their ill gotten gains by paying a flat tax of twenty percent with no more loopholes.

    That is what I wish to see Obama do. Impose a flat tax on even the banks and anyone whose income is under $25,000 pays nothing. Families with incomes under $40,000 pay nothing and if they have more children then we raise that level of exemption too!

    Time for change boys and girls. Sit back and enjoy the ride ;-).

    Richard Ackermann