I don’t post all that often to my blog. I consider it a privilege that Doug Thompson has allowed site registrants to do so, therefore I don’t abuse his generosity.

My wife and I voted for President Obama like millions of other citizens, but in recent weeks I’ve been researching his choices for cabinet members and assistants.

Too my grave concern it has the stamp of the Clinton administration stamped all over his choices.

He promised change from 28 years of Bush~Clinton~Bush regimes, but his appointees attest to somewhat a different agenda.

Possibly he had to compromise in order to make it to the presidency or has he been chosen by those that would control both sides of the game in the crooked casino of politics to be their “main man” to further their agenda…?! Possibly, it’s time for the “velvet glove” approach.

I ran across a stunning link at “Red Ice Creations” concerning his cabinet picks, their bonafides etc. It was written by Jeremy Scahill at globalresearch.ca.


It’s not fringe or sensationalist, but outlines each of his choices for his cabinet and administrative appointees. In light of the detailed, revelations concerning these individuals, I’d say that an Obama presidency is going to simply be a “holding presidency” until the rethuglicans can return to power.

I’ll support him as my president, but based on his cabinet and administrative appointments, he’s on probation as far as I’m concerned. I’m sorely disappointed with his choices.

When something is too good to be true, then most probably it isn’t …!

Carl Nemo **==

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