Rain on the Parade…!

I don’t post all that often to my blog. I consider it a privilege that Doug Thompson has allowed site registrants to do so, therefore I don’t abuse his generosity.

My wife and I voted for President Obama like millions of other citizens, but in recent weeks I’ve been researching his choices for cabinet members and assistants.

Too my grave concern it has the stamp of the Clinton administration stamped all over his choices.

He promised change from 28 years of Bush~Clinton~Bush regimes, but his appointees attest to somewhat a different agenda.

Possibly he had to compromise in order to make it to the presidency or has he been chosen by those that would control both sides of the game in the crooked casino of politics to be their “main man” to further their agenda…?! Possibly, it’s time for the “velvet glove” approach.

I ran across a stunning link at “Red Ice Creations” concerning his cabinet picks, their bonafides etc. It was written by Jeremy Scahill at globalresearch.ca.


It’s not fringe or sensationalist, but outlines each of his choices for his cabinet and administrative appointees. In light of the detailed, revelations concerning these individuals, I’d say that an Obama presidency is going to simply be a “holding presidency” until the rethuglicans can return to power.

I’ll support him as my president, but based on his cabinet and administrative appointments, he’s on probation as far as I’m concerned. I’m sorely disappointed with his choices.

When something is too good to be true, then most probably it isn’t …!

Carl Nemo **==


  1. claypigeonbx

    Certainly, I understand your reservations. Indeed, I would much rather see a group of clear-eyed, dedicated progressives appointed to Obama’s cabinet than the recycled group he has chosen. Only one thing prevents me from accusing him of completely selling out his progressive base. That one thing is his personal history. Community organization in the style of Alinski.

    His cabinet choices make perfect sense in the light of that history. He needs people who are veterans of the Washington scene, who know where the bodies are buried, the levers of power are located and how to use them. He has identified an impressive group of such people. Now we will see whether he can keep them working on the agenda he has defined rather than their own agendas or the agendas of their political sponsors.

    I think it is possible that he can keep his cabinet focused and working toward the goals he has been defining for the nation.

    On the other hand, if he had chosen the cabinet I would have liked to have seen in office, the probability is that he would have been quickly “Cartered.” George Bush may have left town, but I am quite sure that the permanent representatives of the MIC have not.

    The success of the Obama administration is by no means guaranteed. But if we had had a McCain administration, I think we can be confident that the only winners would have been the same small group of citizens for whom the Bush administration has proved so profitable.

    Freedom and Justice for All!

  2. Carl Nemo

    Thanks for your thoughtful feedback claypigeonbx.

    Your explanation sets well with me and that’s exactly how I have to accept his choices predicated on Obama keying his plays to Washington based strategies which have their own unique spin and complexities.

    I thought readers would enjoy reading the bio’s found in the link on his various choices, some of which have not come to pass such as Governor Bill Richardson.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. griff

    That’s alright, Carl. It’s rain that makes things grow.

    Obama has been the establishment choice since 2004 at least, but he had been groomed throughout the Bush administration, mainly to take advantage of the catastrophe of the aforementioned administration.

    This is the epitome of the Hegelian Dialectic and the left vs right control paradigm. Bush made things so bad that we would literally believe anything coming from someone unfamiliar and different.

    But you look at his appointees and advisors and you see nothing but seasoned hacks and shills. Not to mentoin that the media frenzy and adulation is truly disturbing.

    We have seen this kind of quasi-religious fervor before, and it always ends badly. I fear, I know, that this will as well. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao. The similarities and the rhetoric are too similar to be discounted, should anyone take an objective look into recent history.

    We have been set on this course by those that know history and human nature. Get ready, the worst is yet to come.

  4. gazelle1929

    “He promised change from 28 years of Bush~Clinton~Bush regimes. . ..”

    I musta missed that last part. Can you cite one place where Obama or his people specified the change would be from the past 28 years? Most I could come up with is the past 8 years, and you gotta admit he’s making some changes!

  5. Carl Nemo

    Hi Gazelle1929…

    There’s a site that’s keeping track of our new president’s campaign promises. Allegedly he made a whopping 505 while on the campaign trail whereas Clinton and Bush were both under 175 while on the stump.


    No, he didn’t make a blanket statement concerning the past “28 years”, that’s my all encompassing year basket of those presidencies that have moved us ever so steadily down the slippery slope of globalism and an out of control, unaccountable government.

    Of course I want the man to succeed. I surely wouldn’t thrive or gloat on his failure because it would affect me as well as everyone else too that’s close to me, including the members of this site.

    So far he’s doing quite well and needless to say I’m impressed. My concern is for those that he’s chosen as his advisers. I feel there’s simply too many retreads from past administrations and not enough fresh blood. I’m not alone in my concerns.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Carl Nemo **==