At last.

Between 1 to 2 millions celebrating an end and a beginning.  200 Million hopeful and anxious around the country. 3-5 BILLION waiting with tears and hope around the world. Them’s some powerful numbers.

So much damage done, so much work to do, and so much hope riding on one young man’s coat tails.

With some notable exceptions, (Weekly Standard, National Review, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and several other incoherent gas bags) we are with you, Mr. President. We need you to succeed, because we cannot afford any more failures. We want you to succeed, for your success will be ours. We ask you to succeed, and to take the road bumps that you will not be able to avoid, in stride, then pick yourself up, and keep going. We will be there with you.  Just like we will rely on you, you can rely on us.

Good luck. You will need it.



  1. Carl Nemo

    Great inaugural day thoughts Rob Kezelis, but will the many who will eventually be asked to sacrifice a percentage of their government pensions, both civilian and military, Social Security, Medicare and many other government enfranchised benefits and programs in order for their country to survive be willing to do so with a smile on their faces?

    After the initial wave of government handouts; ie., 1.2 trillion are frittered away with little visible benefit to the greater public, then the last place to bring up the bottom line will have to be systemic budget tightening to a massive degree which is what I predict will happen.

    If the root causes of our national crisis aren’t addressed with vigor asap; ie., government, banking, Wall Street, and corporate fraud then much of the relief monies will simply be outright stolen or used ineffectively for their corporatist/governmental benefit; the end result, our demise as a nation.

    I’m willing to make the sacrifice as yourself and no doubt others too, but I’m not too sure that such feelings are shared by the greater public regardless of inaugural day, feelgood rhetoric.

    Many wax poetically about heaven and an afterlife, but fewer are willing to die sooner to confirm their beliefs.

    It’s the same with those that tout they’ll support their president and their country regardless of the personal cost to them.

    We’re all going to need more than luck to survive the financial tsunami that’s ultimately to hit this land.

    The last quarter of 2008 was only the “tickler wave”… : |

    Carl Nemo **==