Finally the American people are rid of the Bush administration. There should be dancing in the streets!

Pres. George Walker Bush is the most unpopular U.S. president since Richard M. Nixon, who was impeached. So why do 28 percent of Americans still support Bush?

What is wrong with so many Americans that they can not see what has taken place during the past 8 years?

From providing his special interests with opportunities to reap vast profits to modifying our Constitution to intrude directly into the daily lives of American citizens, Bush and his “boys” have bludgeoned America, the Beautiful.

A while back the media and people around the nation were comparing the unpopularity of Bush to that of former Pres. Harry Truman. The latter was very unpopular at the time because he developed projects, plans and actions that many Americans did not fully comprehend. Truman was forceful and determined. Many people therefore try to make the comparison to Bush.

Over the years, people have come to understand better what Truman wanted to do and many Americans came around to changing their opinions of Truman, making him more popular. Consequently, there are many in the 28 percent Bush support group who believe one day Americans will come to see the good Bush did in his 8-year presidency and then will change their negative opinion of the man as well.

The difference between George W. Bush and Harry S. Truman is that Truman worked to make America a better place so that families would have a better life. Such a plan was NEVER in the plans of Bush and his administration. Their chief commitment was to greed and power for themselves and for their wealthy special interests.

In truth, for the past 8 years George Bush “hammered a chisel into America’s heart” and broke all our hearts doing so. He left our nation in political, social and economic disaster. In my opinion, “Dubya” got off easy.

Not only was George W. Bush the worst U.S. President ever, he also was the most dangerous and Americans are lucky to be rid of him.