Enough has been written about the failures of the last eight years. Even today, media outlets around the world are taking their final shots at George W and the administration’s puppet master, Dick Cheney.

A new president was been elected, possibly for the first time in three presidential elections. We should be excited, energized, and relieved.

Sorry. It is not working.

We have slightly more than 24 hours in which the cabal still infecting the White House can pull some shenanigans. Martial law? A concocted emergency? An "event" involving Iran? A terrorist plot targeting DC? Who knows? I certainly don’t.

But what I do know is that each and every time that I was astounded by the hubris, the lies, the craven power grabs of BushCo for the last eight years, and I was firmly convinced that that was absolutely the worst behavior ever seen in a presidency, Bush and his cronies managed to surprise me yet again by pulling something even more craven and disgusting.

I suppose it is that history, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, you can’t get fooled again," which has me on edge. Until (and unless) I actually see President Obama finishing the very last words in his oath of office, I will have this nagging fear that something will go wrong, quite possibly by design. The rational part of my brain simply cannot win the argument over the emotional side (the one that worries about what additional damage Bush can do to our country) and stay convinced that this is really going to happen.

– – – – – –

There is another component to this worry. For eight years, our current administration took down consumer protections. The result? poisoned foods, bad drugs, poisonous animal feed, lead paint on toys, and more. For eight years, BushCo attacked the constitution. The result? Illegal renditions. Abu Grhaib. Gitmo. domestic surveillance. The arrest of thousands of innocents muslims in the US, and more. For seven years, BushCo pursued absolutely foolish policies in the Middle East.  The result? 9/11.  Israel’s use of US cluster bombs in Lebanan. A failed police action in Afghanistan. The escape of Osama bin Laden. An unconscionable invasion of Iraq, causing 4,000+ US deaths, 1,000,000 Iraqi deaths, and the forced eviction of 3,000,000 more across Iraq. With faith based initiatives, our cherished separation of church and state has been eradicated. With tax policies, our economy made the super rich richer, and the middle class an endangered species. With lax regulations, Bush’s friends Madoff like bandits, while the global economy is ready to crash and burn.

I guess the only question I have of Barack Obama is this: ARE YOU NUTS? Because, who in their right mind would ever want the unimaginable responsibility of trying to pick of the pieces after eight years of deliberate destruction? 



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