1. Sylvester

    On another note, it has been reported that six nuclear bombs given to Isreal by the US Defence Department was intercepted by the Arab League. According to an unnamed source in Mossad, the bombs which were six years overdue were sighted in six Arab states surrounding Isreal. This report has sent Pentagon officials running helter-skelter as no one can fathom a resolution to the crisis before the public get wind of what is going on. The Isreali government on the other hand has been trying all it can to retrieve the bombs but their efforts seem to be yielding no gain. An unnamed Isreali General was qouted as saying “it is a hostage situation”.

  2. gazelle1929

    On another note, it has been reported that irresponsible fools are posting here. Is the above yet another example?

    How in the name of all that’s holy can you possibly believe, let alone post, such unmitigated CRAP!?!?!?

    Please go peddle your conspiracy shit elsewhere.