Bye, Bye Bush: Taxpayers foot the bill for Bush’s new Dallas Office

    Whatever happened to President Truman’s “The buck stops here!” policy?

    American taxpayers will foot the tab for Pres. George W. Bush’s new 8,000 sq. ft. business office in Dallas, TX. at a cost of $300,000 per year!!!


    Haven’t Americans already paid far too much for Bush’s upkeep as President?

    Some of the media tries to play this down by pointing out that American taxpayers did the same for former Pres. Bill Clinton, whose business office was in New York City and it cost a bit more than the one they will pay for Bush.

    Oh, well I feel a lot better now! !&^%$*^%!

    What’s up with us taxpayers having to pay lucrative CEO buyouts to former presidents? They already get a huge retirement package, including health care benefits. Do we really have to buy their office space too? For life?

    Isn’t it also enough that U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for the Secret Service to protect all living former U.S. presidents, for life?

    And to top it off, Bush & Company made MILLIONS off taxpayers during the past 8 years, along with passing lucrative business packages and perks to their wealthy special interests!

    Am I the only one who is angry about this?

    Look, I know that being President of the U.S. probably is one of the toughest jobs there is.

    George Walker Bush is leaving the presidency with the worst popularity rating of any president since Richard M. Nixon! And Nixon was impeached!

    But in fairness to Bush, not that deserves any “fairness”, U.S. taxpayers should NOT foot the bill for former Pres. Bill Clinton either. He lied to the American people also, just as Bush has done so many times.

    So, I guess these guys will be the role models of our children. Our kids will learn that lying, being unethical and conniving and acquiring large bank account balances at any cost are the most important priorities you can do here, in the Promised Land..

    What a shame we can’t seem to teach our children a better, more honorable foundation for living out their lives and becoming productive, nurturing member of the American community.