Bush is going!

    Whatever has got a beginning eventually gets an end. And so a week more to go and Bush is gone.

    Going with him is the mentality that places sentiment over reason, that convicts people before they are judged, that justifies aggression and its carnage by the simple reason of fear, that stole from the poor to gratify the rich, that not only elevated tyranny where democracy is supreme but also tried to sell it,that glorified plain heady arrogance and made peace and peacemakers look so unpalatably feminine, that divides the world between we and they, based on geo-physical locations; we being good and they being bad, a spiritual concept erroneously applied to the physical by shallow understanding.

    The last eight years has given tyrants a dignified platform, it has made pre-high schoolers look like sages, it tested the limits of democratic governance and squandered an unrivaled political capital.

    Once more before you go. Adieu President George W. Bush. And please take the weather with you.