Thanks to Bush’s Press Conference we can now rest easily…

    Thanks to Bush’s Press Conference we can now rest easily…

    We all breathed a sigh of relief after Bush had his final Press Conference. After eight years of thinking that it was our President who was screwing up everything, he made it clear that it was other folks and that he leaves office with his head held high.

    Like, now I know that he made an immediate response to Hurricane Katrina. When we thought he was really attending McCain Birthday Celebrations and playing the guitar at country music celebrations, he was actually removing 30,000 victims from New Orleans’ roofs.

    And we know that Recession was something he inherited, not something he caused… it was Bill Clinton who gave us the Recession. And we thought what Bush really did was increase our indebtedness and give the top 1% of America huge tax reductions while he spent us silly on two war fronts.

    And, if I may, we all had given him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know about the kinds of things his military and CIA did to uncharged prisoners… like waterboarding and other forms of torture. Now we find that he not only knew, but he asked “what kind of tools we had” to get the goods from these people and then authorized their use. And we thought it was just Cheney, who last week admitted to the same things, who gave us a go on torture (with help from guys like legal authority John Yoo.) But now we know that this was not wrong and was perfectly OK for Bush to do. Yup.

    In the long run, Bush is right: History will provide the final approval of the past eight years as it ignores the thousands of unnecessary dead, the newly homeless and the 2.3 million unemployed. It did it with Hoover, right?

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