It is long past the time when the world should realize that we Jews are not going away.

We live here, same as all the rest of you, and we learned a long time ago that you can kill some of us some of the time, and some of us all of the time, but dammit, you Cannot kill all of us all of the time. We are here to stay, and were here long before most of you, and were the founders of the monotheistic principle. One really powerful G-d is enough for anyone.

You out there who always talk about your Trinity, or your levels, or other tenets of your religions ought to listen to the preachings, particularly about peace, tolerance, turning the other cheek, and loving your fellow man. You go on pogroms, crusades, wars and other waves of terror and intolerance in the name of your gods or priests while at the same time you violate every aspect of your religion,

Well, I’m tired of that bullshit. I want you to know that Israel, a truly resurrected ancient land, isn’t going away. And what is more, it’s going to hit back when you hit it. Harder than you hit. So stop crying about the deaths in Gaza. Start admitting that the fighting will stop when Hamas stops shooting rockets into Israel.

And speaking of that–why are the arabs shooting rockets at Israeli cities when there is a whole Israeli army marching into Gaza. Why hasn’t the media asked THAT question?

Damned if I know. Would someone like to enlighten ME?

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