If a group or even individuals would announce that they would give money to Hamas’ favorites charities, if the firing rockets in the direction of Israel stops, it would allow Palestinians to urge the missiles stop without appearing to give in to Israel, and such a proposal would encourage the small Israeli peace movement to grow larger and more assertive. At least one of the charities would probably be a charity that President Bush erroneously declared to be a terrorist organization, so it would be possible that the US government would freeze the funds.

But even if the money didn’t get through, it would change the dynamics to allow Palestinians to urge steps in this direction. And people in other countries could continue the offer. If Bush froze funds that was going to promote a cease-fire, the backlash might actually encourage the peace process along.

Also, Obama loves compromise and the middle ground. This might encourage Obama to do something positive to more quickly limit, the past administration’s, broad definitions of terror.

The missiles did nothing but encourage Israeli hawks to have an excuse to promote more war. However, possibly provocateurs were hoping for an Israeli attack to finally provoke average Muslims around the world to much more actively get involved in supporting Palestine. This, provoking moderate Muslims to get involved is a major goal of al Qaeda throughout the years, so they might be involved as well.

Hamas militant splinters, or whoever fires missile at Israel, must know that unguided missiles can not possibly encourage Israel to leave Palestine alone. Finding ways for both sides to save face is a way, people, who are not directly involved, can help promote peace.

This can be real peace instead of just temporary peace, such as in Northern Ireland. As peace was being worked out, people on both sides began to fear militants on their side having a terrorist incident to derail the peace process. Unfortunately in other places such as between India and Pakistan where, when a peace treaty came close, militants who feared peace would isolate them, conducted a terror attack to prevent this, every time peace came close.

But we shouldn’t look only at them over there, before 9/11 neocons in the Bush administration and Cheney concurred were urging that the US needed a wake up call. Many of these documents were written down. Whether or not there was active collusion, the climate was set to allow a wake up call to occur. We shouldn’t allow arguing over 9/11 conspiracy get in the way of this basic fact.

Al Qaeda likewise provokes the US to attack. Before 9/11 militancy was getting extremely unpopular. Muslims around the world were furious of the Taliban’s extremism, such as forcing people to have beards and not listen to music. And fewer and fewer young people were inspired by militancy. Provoking the other side is what keeps hawks in business.

I know I get in trouble for changing the subject. But right before the US attacked Iraq there was a huge peace demonstrations in England. Watching on TV, I and a friend were awed by the size of the crowd, the floats and puppets and all the elaborate pageantry. It was cut off the air by an announcement of a terror attack in Turkey. When the demonstration was back on the news, my friend said, “Why don’t they protest that”, meaning the terror attack. Maybe the momentum of the peace movement would have stopped the war if the terror attack didn’t occur. Likewise when then Majority Leader Bill Frist was making a grim Congressional Report on the additional Abu Ghraib photos Congress privately viewed, he was going to broadcast a call for bipartisan detention reform but was cut off the TV screen by the announcement of Nick Berg’s being beheaded. Maybe had Nick Berg at that point had not been beheaded, Guantanamo would be closed by now. Maybe the torturing of prisoners including al Qaeda members is what bin Laden wants. Perhaps we actually live in a world where peace is the enemy of hawks, rather than one side being the enemy of the other. A world where hawks and militants don’t want to feel isolated and unwanted.

Let’s not overly get mesmerized by one side of the Palestine conflict while we work for this and other conflicts to end, and try to encourage Obama to move faster in encouraging a more peaceful world. Each of us can do our little part.

I think Obama at first went overboard in avoiding hate, and dissipating hate with Hillary and inside lobbyist who got his ear first, but he has at least four years to figure out how to dissipate hate with everyone else. Anyway it will be easier to lobby him with balanced appeals acknowledging there are reasons for the other side, and doing this will make his job easier as well.

Individuals like countries don’t like to appear to be giving in to force or pressure. This brings us back to the original point that it is difficult for Palestinians to criticize the strategically ridiculous lobbying of missiles in the general direction of Israel without finding a way to do so without appearing to be giving in to Israel.

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