Civilian casualties in Gaza

    Dont watch the video below if the reality of the Mid East war is personally disturbing.

    Whats most disturbing to me is that all these market going folks were summarily maimed and slaughtered with US made weapons, political support and US tax payer dollars. As a tax payer, just what return do I get in this deal? Billions to Israel for what?, ensuring the Arab world thinks we suck?

    I’d much rather have the frik’n pot-holes around town fixed, and for someone to give a real honest shit about the “Elementary to Penitentiary” inner city school system here in Los Angeles LONG before one dollar of so called “aid” leaves US soil.

    In my world when most all US citizens are so happy with everything they could just shit flowers and sunshine, and the .gov has plenty of money in savings.. then we can hand out aid.

    How many friends and family of the bombed crowd have just been “radicalized”?? Mission accomplished for every one of the political elite who makes lots money selling arms. Israel is surely going to need millions of dollars in aid we don’t have, and millions more in bunker busting smart bombs purchases for the military-industrial complex.

    “Israel bombs Gaza civilian market. 2009-01-03”

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