Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin, give writers coal for Christmas

Alas. What are we here at Capitol Hill Blue to do to persuade you to read our columns? We know it’s the provocative column titles about politicians and our intriguing lead paragraphs that prompt you to take a least a quick look at what we write.

The non-story about an Obama connection with Blago fizzled out like an Alka-Seltzer in warm water and the Rick Warren story seems about to go flat. We have the picture of a buff topless Barack. It’s only controversial because we wonder why a Secret Service rifleman didn’t put a red laser circle on the photographer’s forehead.

Joe Biden took some ho-hum so what else is new jabs at Vice President Cheney. That’s like shooting quail in Harry Whittington’s pocket.

The biggest news about John McCain comes out in the Los Angeles Times, it seems that he had a “secret” friendship with Hillary Clinton.

The best they could do was a photo of them making goo-goo eyes at each other.


All we can come up with about Sarah Palin is that there’s a $15.95 2009 calendar. To some it’s doubtlessly a disappointing G rated, with 50 photos of her and her family. Perhaps her with a shotgun warrants a PG in some of the lower 48.

Considering the gift that kept giving that was Sarah Palin, even Santa gives that one a Ho Ho Hum.

We do have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney making utter fools of themselves trying desperately to rewrite their own history by studying it under a kaleidoscope. If you’re like me when I watch them trying to tell us what historical giants they are I visualize them wearing Groucho glasses.

Bush and Cheney are like toddlers with their first coloring books scrawling all over the pages and hoping for their parents to praise them for what a good job they’ve done?

(That’s such an obvious example I expect someone used it first.)

The writer in me hopes that some high profile politician royally screws up. But citizen Hal hopes for a boring year when our leaders make wise decisions.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, and come January 20th, the happiest new year we could possibly hope for.

Mac and Duffy Brown

Hal Brown is a clinical social worker and former mental health center director who is mostly retired from his private psychotherapy practice. He writes on the psychopathology of public figures and other topics that pique his interest. He can be found online at www.stressline.com . He also publishes a website about his hometown of Middleboro, Massachusetts (aka Middleborough) called Middleboro Matters. Archive: of previous columns.

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  1. gazelle1929

    Your comment about the pictures of Obama at the beach prompted me to imagine the following scenario:

    A New York professional basketball player complains that someone in their headquarters is sending out advertising for razors featuring the pictures of Obama at the beach with the basketball player’s head photoshopped onto the picture; he demands that they cease, but is rebuffed. The headline:

    Fox: Knicks Nix Schick’s Fake Pecs Pix Fax Fix

  2. claypigeonbx

    Thanks, Hal. I for one, like boring. I hope the next decade is as boring as a right-wing preacher’s vision of the afterlife. All the wars end and no new ones begin. The leaders of Israel and the leaders of all the Arab nations suddenly realize…”Hey, we’re all Semites…WE’RE BROTHERS!” and start working together to build good will for all Semites around the world. The global depression peters out and people go back to work building things and growing things. Everybody who has recently elected to public office in the United States is suddenly seized with a zeal for public service and actually forgets about using their offices for personal aggrandizement and/or indulgence and starts putting all their Type-A energy into doing things that will help build a better world for all of us…including the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. BORING! But you know what? I would be delighted to spend the rest of my life being bored. Frankly, I’ve had a belly full of living in “interesting times.” But I promise, I will still read your columns

    Freedom and Justice for All!

  3. colocritic

    Claypigeon, I totally agree with your scenario – a calm, peaceful, and loving world for all would be every sane person’s dream, but in the real world that will never happen. We are all so tired of the messes Bush and Cheney have created and are leaving for Obama to try to right. He is only human and I’m afraid too much will be expected of him too quickly. No president has ever faced such a daunting future! I trust he will do his best and I also think we are all fortunate he is the one chosen to accomplish these formidable tasks. I do feel Bush and Cheney should be brought to justice to pay for their terrible deeds.

    Hal, great post and the picture of Mac and Duffy is absolutely ADORABLE!! Are they as angelic as they appear? Would love to have them under my Christmas tree!


  4. Nogood

    $16.00 for a Palin calendar?? I wouldn’t have it if someone gave it to me. Maybe if she had posed topless as Obama did, or even in her birthday suit, then I might look, but I would never spend my hard earned money to look at some “dingbat”. Whatever “sex appeal” some men find in Palin is beyond me, but then I am 73 years old.

  5. Hal Brown

    Savvy seniors say smart’s sexy…

    Your age has nothing to do with this, Nogood, I’m almost 65. Don’t buy into the myth that age has anything to do with losing our appreciation of the opposite sex.