The Laws of Thermodynamics have prevailed again. As the Entropy of a closed system increases, the usefullness of any information contained in the system disappears.

In the case of the Public View, the usefullness of anything in the MSM along with the Internet, has fallen to a level of inobservability.

As of late, it seems the same forces that skewed the MSM are engaged in the same process on the Internet. The Internet is flooded with agents whose agenda is obvious: promote the status quo.

Right now on the Internet, there are ads for Hysterectomies

I wanna puke

At least the Fringees are still allowed an outlet, which given the present regulatory climate, may not last for long.

The travesty of the Broadcast Network News, which could have been so much more has now degenerated beyond the definition of “News”.

Something unusual has occurred, in my small rural county, the analog repeaters used to rebroadcast Network Television will be shut down and no digital signal will replace it.

A sizeable portion of the county will not have any broadcast television.

Maybe thats a good thing

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