US votes against “right to food”

    The UN general assembly voted, and approved, draft resolution XX on “the right to food”. 180 nations voted in favor, 1 nation against: United States.

    Apparently the DC Mafia don’t believe hunger constitutes an outrage and a violation of human dignity, one that would require “urgent measures” to eliminate.

    As the rest of the world asks us to spare a slice of good ole American pie to feed the hungry, the DC Mafia balked. Our politicians don’t seem to have a problem if people starve, then again those millionaires have never been hungry a day in their life.

    Why would our so called leaders vote against feeding people?, easy, its bad business for the DC Mafias banker gangster owners at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    The IMF gangsters make all kinds of profits by manipulating food around the world. Haiti received tons of highly subsidized cheap US rice, but only in exchange for loans from the IMF. Unable to compete with the low prices, Haitian rice farmers went out of business and locally grown food dwindled to a fraction of what it had been. As a result the tiny nations ability to provide for themselves was damaged to the point food riots broke out when the subsidized rice flow was adversely affected by rising fuel costs and / or increased demand in China / India.

    UN assembly:

    Haiti food riots:

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