THE cloth, a boring, unimaginative, three color oblong, in all likelihood manufactured in China, (since our trade policies have shut down all domestic cloth and sewing production, permanently losing those jobs),

OF THE the increasingly fraying, economically competitive and antagonistic, insular mini-governments making up a third of our continent, founded in greed, built on slavery, deliberately exterminating the indigenous population that had thrived for eons long before us,

AND TO THE faux-democratic, institutionalized two-party system, in which the “ins” always seem to maintain control, even over several generations, despite inherent corruption, fraud, crime, and favoritism, in which a formerly representative form of government long ago lost any real connection with the people, replaced by a system of big money and lobbyists,


ONE loosely connected, economically unstable, failing entity, consisting of almost separate nations, one red, one increasingly blue, and the key one, the one existing only inside the bloatway; distant, unconnected, yet, having great control over the other two,

UNDER the influence of some archaic, ancient, misguided rules purportedly concocted by some make believe critter, using tales and a collection of fairy tales stolen from tribes long dead; mistranslated, misapplied and repeatedly altered for political reasons,

WITH domestic spying, renditions, torture, the beginnings of a police state, the eradication of posse comitatus, and now the center of the Department of Homeland Scrutiny, far more at home in the old USSR than the USA,

AND JUSTICE system, nay, cistern, so corrupt and politicized that the rich thieves like Madoff live in luxury, while those accused or petty crimes remain forgotten behind prison walls, where innocent governors and US Attorneys lose their jobs and their freedoms based on politics, where billions are spent on victim-less crimes, such as smoking a naturally occurring herb for their chronic medical conditions, and where our every communication and movement is spied on by our government,



  1. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Rob for your succinct play on words of the “pledge”.

    I can tell from this piece of writing that you along with myself and millions of other responsible folks are totally and absolutely fed up with this ongoing dog and pony show in the so-called land of the free (not!) and the home of the brave at Wal-Mart (Black Friday events); ie., mindless, greedy, out of self-control shopaholic consumers all sheparded and encouraged to do so by corrupt business and government leaders.

    My vision for this nation sees an absolute breakdown in goverment and social services. Even the greedy, out of control local pols at the state and local levels will punish their constituents with increased, unpayable taxes along with major cutbacks in public services; ie., police, fire, libraries etc. without the necessary massive layoffs in the government employee sector which has been systematically bleeding this nation white ever more so since WWII along with its ever increasing size and diminished functionality.

    We’re finished and there’s going to be blood in the streets and in high places along with similar scenarios in other Western nations. Just this week the country of Belgium went broke and the Japanese and the Germans came to the rescue. Why so, I have no idea other than they have a vested interest in keeping this terminally corrupt little Euro nation afloat.

    The Euro Union, Britain, Iceland (already) along with the emerging once Eastern bloc nations are all going down hard too. Actually they are in worse shape than the U.S. and that would probably be hard to believe, but they are. The Eurobased big players have loaned “trillions” to deadbeat emerging market nations whereas the U.S. has not to any extent. Ecuador is ready to declare national bankruptcy if they haven’t done so already, due to cratering of world oil prices, so is Venezuela et al.

    So we can visualize planet earth as one big toilet in the flush mode and all the greedy, evil, high level players along with their unwitting consumeristic victims are headed downward; around around they go and to where I do not know…

    I link it to the fact that both business and government leaders are both arithmetically challenged and frivolous, never realizing the hazards of screwing around with dangerous numbers on the order of “TRILLIONS” concerning debt and budget related issues.

    The entire world debt load at this time is over 500 trillion dollars or one half “quadrillion”; ie., 500,000 billion each billion, one thousand million bucks which is ludicrous and totally unpayable due to compounding and the fact that the majority of this debt is “bad debt”… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Janice

    Can you post the link to document this, please?
    Just this week the country of Belgium went broke and the Japanese and the Germans came to the rescue
    I must not be looking in the right places.

  3. DejaVuAllOver

    Nice, Rob and Carl. Problem is, these cretins don’t give a damn ’cause they’re just waitin’ for the rapture. They’ll be screaming, “My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” as they bleed in the sewer. But then, as Pontius Pilate said, “Oh, well.” (yeah, I may be takin’ a few liberties, here, but…..)

  4. Janice

    Great play on words. I wonder just how far this will really go. The really sad, and scary part is that you are right on. Carl, I wonder if things will really go as bad as you are talking about, or will the coverup only continue to expand.

  5. Carl Nemo

    Hi Janice…

    Where this nation and the world is headed is grim indeed.

    It reminds me of a conversation I had with a grizzled Marine gunnery sergeant many years ago. He had a chestful of ribbons one of which was the Silver Star along with the Bronze Star with a V device.

    I asked him him about his campaigns from WWII to Korea and he said that his last was at the Chosin Reservoir as a member of the 1st Marine Division in the Korean War.

    We talked back and forth about the order of the day and he simply said in a halting, almost choked fashion, concerning the onslaught of the 120,000 Red Chinese that were now in the order of battle against the surrounded 30,000 U.N. defenders.

    He simply said it was “assholes, elbows, and ricebowls” in terms of the exchange of fire and the ensuing carnage. The Chinese kept coming and coming virtually trampling their dead in order to achieve their mission.

    Well Janice, all I can say is that the United States, the Western world and other economically involved nations are soon to be reduced to the description as given to me by the “gunny”; ie., “assholes, elbows, and ricebowls” economically and societally speaking. There is a dawning of a “New World Order”, but it’s not the one planned by the ever-scheming mattoids that hope to enslave the world turning it into simply their “global plantation”.

    We are now experiencing a day of reckoning concerning 60 years plus of a synthetic, expansive monetary policy foisted upon us by the Federal Reserve~U.S. Treasury funny money scam along with the complicity of Euro and now Asian bankers. They’ve sown the wind and shall now reap the whirlwind…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. f33dback

    Fed up with the dog and pony show? Really? Then what are you going to do about it?
    Vote them out (laff).

    What was that famous misquote from Chairman Mao?