In my hometown of Middleboro, Massachusetts some local bloggers consider me a liberal, a moonbat in the vernacular. This is as opposed to a conservative, or a wingnut. If I was, I’d be enraged at Obama. I’m not. The latest furor among progressives (moonbats) is over Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to preachify at his inauguration. Other progressives are critical of some of his cabinet choices and other executive positions because they aren’t liberal enough. Meanwhile all the wingnuts can come up with is to attack Obama because of the non-existent Blago-taint. I find this all one guffaw short of side-splitting hysterical.

Obama was portrayed by John McCain and Sarah Palin as a secret socialist and who knows, a “true patriot” who might be a card carrying communist meeting secretly with Bill Ayers plotting to cede the United States to Cuba.

How often did we hear about Obama’s “most liberal voting record” during the campaign?

We were supposed to believe he’d populate the Executive Branch with members of nefarious radical groups like ACORN, the ACLU, and the Harvard faculty.

Instead we are getting a rainbow of Republicans and moderate Democrats and slightly liberal Democrats.

Those who proudly fly the rainbow flag in support of gay rights have reacted with disappointment to rage over Obama putting the national spotlight on Rev. Warren by giving the opening prayer. I understand this, and would have preferred he’d have conducted a national online search for a people’s choice minister and had the speaker selected by lottery of the top 50 candidates.

But I think there is method in what may seem like madness on the Warren choice. I don’t know what the method is, but I think Obama plays politics like Boris Spassky plays chess, thinking about his check mate move before the game has barely started.

My hunch is that Obama didnt tell the truth about his position on gay marriage, knowing it would be political suicide to do so. I think he believes it is right, but wants to let it become more socially acceptable as more states legalize it.

Obama needs two terms to accomplish his goals. He knows that to win in 2012 he has to make good on the majority of his promises. He has to get us out of Iraq and stabilize the economy. He has to restore trust in the presidency.

He also knows that he has to assure that the Republican Party implodes on itself by becoming the Party of the Palin wingnuts. Getting a very popular conservative pastor to praise him is a good start.

Not only will this make them easily beatable when he runs again, but will make it more likely for his successor in 2016 to be a Democrat.


Check mate.

Hal Brown is a clinical social worker and former mental health center director who is mostly retired from his private psychotherapy practice. He writes on the psychopathology of public figures and other topics that pique his interest. He can be found online at . He also publishes a website about his hometown of Middleboro, Massachusetts (aka Middleborough) called Middleboro Matters. Archive: of previous columns.

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