Cheney says Obama will not close Gitmo…

    In an article in The Politico, Vice President Richard "The Dick" Cheney said Obama would not close Guantanamo Bay.

    Cheney went on to express doubt that President Obama would, as he has promised, close Guantanamo Bay. "Guantanamo has been very, very valuable. And I think they’ll discover that trying to close it is a very hard proposition," he said. "They’re unlawful combatants. And you if you’re not going to have a place to locate them like Guantanamo, then you either have to bring them here to the continental United States and I don’t know any member of Congress who’s volunteering to have al Qaeda terrorists deposited in his district."

    If Obama does not close Guantanamo, one of the most important promises of his campaign will be on the rocks. There has been no comment back from Obama on Cheney’s statement…as yet. Under The LobsterScope

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