The few, the arrogant and the rest of us

The recent exposure of Governor Blagojevich as a brazen sociopath (see Dick Cavett’s piece) is yet another example of the arrogance that is bringing this nation to a world of woe. For years now we have been finding out how some portion of our population has acted as though the harsh criminal law system just doesn’t apply to them. It is hard to know whether things like this are happening more often or whether we are just finding out more often.

I mean, I am old enough to remember how John Kennedy “won” the presidency in 1960 – it was the magical finding of lost ballots in Chicago that brought Kennedy to office. Few believed the charade but yet it happened without challenge.

The fading administration of Bush/Cheney is certainly the most arrogant of all time – none have previously claimed such far reaching power and authority in the hands of so few. The “unitary executive” claimed by this President is so very brazen, arrogant and fundamentally criminal that it is breathtaking.

Fiefdoms of industry like the heads of the Big 3 automakers claim the right to hundreds of millions of dollars in personal income while they ran thriving industries into the ground. The stories are well know, they are the stuff of movies such as Los Angeles Confidential.

So what is a person who holds their wealth at our throats and who claims the absolute authority to do what they damn well please called? Master. That’s right, you and I are in servitude. We are owned; bitch to the man.

Well hell. I have been telling anyone who would listen the same thing since the mid sixties, so maybe it is time to point out the real order of life once again. So gather round campers, hear me out once again.

Are things bad enough yet for you so that you are willing to quit acting like you are owned and get to work at forcing those who claim these powers to start listening to those of us who make their incredible wealth possible. But to do so you and I have to give up whatever version of slavery still resides in our lives.

It may be adherence to a political ideology. It may be consumer or credit slavery. It could be sexual, racial or cultural slavery. I suggest each of us has that Achilles point of weakness to which we are slave. Whatever that point is, however powerful or not it may be, that is the point to which our masters aim to keep their power, their wealth, and to empower their arrogance.

Think about it. What is your point of weakness? Are you willing to cut off the point of slavery? Are you really? Do it.


  1. Hoosier_CowBoy

    Amazing, had the Media and the Prosecutors applied the same standards to the present Administration as they did to the Governor of Illinois, we could have avoided at least 4 years of the ongoing tragedy experienced since 2004.

    All of a sudden, on undisclosed wiretap evidence, one man is instantly condemned, when another that sits in the WH is unquestioned as he unleashed mayhem in full public view using false assertions.

    The Pure, Unadulterated bias of the MSM springs full blown in the Public View…… not to mention pure hypocrasy.

  2. Carl Nemo

    It goes to prove Hoosier_Cowboy that the modern MSM has degenerated into the likes of a “hit man” in the way in which they operate.

    If the owner/controllers of such media either unilaterally or as directed take someone out they will do so; and if not, they will conveniently ignore crimes and malfeasance of those in elected office for their purposes.

    Don’t expect it to improve either. America and world governments along with their respective MSM “public control” entities have degenerated into the oligarchical collectivism as outlined by Emmanuel Goldstein’s work “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism; ie., the book within the greater work “1984” by George Orwell.

    We best get to liking our station in life as abject NWO “proles”… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Timr

    What does it say about “we the people” that we keep reelecting these crooks to office? What does it say when the republicians, who have run this country into the ground, get 46% of the vote to continue to do so? What does it say when 3 senators who hate unions and who all have foreign-non union-(tax subsidized) auto companies in their states and who can rally 32 fellow (blind, ignorant) republicians to their side? While I have never agreed with anything that Cheney has ever said. I find that right now I agree with him. If GM goes out of business and puts 1 in 7 american workers out of work,then the republician party will indeed be called the direct cause of the 21st century depression and it will be at least 2 generations before they will be a national party again.
    How could 3 blind ideological republician senators-who hate unions and have been trying to break them for years-get 32 others to join with them in their blind attempt to break a union at any cost? How? Are there really 35 ideologs in the senate?
    On another side of this. Did Reid actually ever attempt to force these 3 pigs to filibuster? Has he ever made the rep senators follow thru with their threats? I say, force these people into their filibuster and see how long before the others fall by the way side. Make them stay in session thru Christmas if necessary. The only question should be. Is the economy is bad enough shape that if the big 3 go belly up it will force an american depression? If it is then why did Reid blink? Useless git. No spine, no balls. And the republicians know it. They will continue to do this during the next congress and then say, well the dems are in power, so its all their fault.
    The problem lies with both parties, but with the republicians more than the democrats right now because they will do anything to regain power. They will destroy the country if it allows them to win in 2010. They will sit back and obstruct everything that Obama tries to do, just so they can gain back power. And Reid will let them do it.

  4. Cashel Boylo

    Criminal Lunatics All
    Anybody who still supports the Bush administration is surely either a criminal or a lunatic.
    Come to think on it, statistically, 22% must roughly approximate the total number of criminals and lunatics.
    Cashel Boylo

  5. Ladywolf55

    Slavery is alive and well in the USA. We are all slaves to the master: Money and those who own it. If we destroy the monetary system, the slavery is gone. Our way of life will be gone with it, but it might just be worth it to gain our freedom again.

    It all comes down to currency, or lack of it. Take currency away, slavery stops. Become self-sufficient, currency loses it’s value and control over your life.

    It’s really just as simple and complicated as that.

  6. Malibu

    Well done Phil. What part of limited government is against your desire to get out of slavery? We keep asking the government to guarantee our incomes, provide health care, get involved in educating our kids and finally give us credit when we can’t pay it off.

    Our last couple of generations of Americans have no desire to think and act for ourselves. The safety net of government control has enslaved us. Even our personal choices have to be approved by the government and the masses so that we all are equally enslaved.

    Our Masters are ourselves. I see it daily in the Seniors in my neighborhood. They are frightened of others and the government. They are terrified of dying due to the hell and damnation that awaits them. Their entire lives have been lived in fear of hell. What a sham……


  7. erika morgan

    Timr, right on;
    The Demos are so afeared and have been so long they know no other way; also most everyone’s personal corruption holds them down under the additional fear of exposure.

  8. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Phil Hoskins for sharing your thoughts on the arrogance and general hubris of our politicians.

    Most if not all politicians are a mix of cunning arrogance juxtaposed against stunning, short-sighted, “what’s in it for me” stupidity.

    They depend on a staff of highly paid aides to feed them information and most if not all run away from the responsibility of having to actually analyze and think in depth on just about any subject. Their main talent is that of a “glad-hander”; ie., an individual who has the ability to influence others, a dealmaker, either through cajolery or the shear power of their office.

    Their psychological weather vane is tuned to only pick up on “winds political” with little regard to the damage they might be causing the greater public either in the short or long term.

    Possibly we live in times far that are far too dangerous for the mucking about of elected pols in the affairs of our business and surely not from the Federal or even the state government level. Serious change is going to have to start at the community level and I’m not talking about PTA meetings either. The more distant the leadership, the less responsive it will be to our needs and future well-being.

    We are now witnessing our elected leaders destroy America with their handing out of trillions in tax-debtor dollars with little oversight and all to hopefully keep the many year false paradigm of national wellbeing in place when in fact we are nothing but a “Potemkin Village” with everything in our vision field nothing but a thin veneer over terminal, core, “rot”…!

    Many local governments are operating deficits, no differently than those at the Federal level. Home values have imploded, but rest assured they hope to tax at present or even higher levels to hopefully continue their emulation of Federal “bloat”. Many are already looking for a Fed based handout no different than the automakers. Life for pols of all stripes have been obscenely plush during the past several decades and it’s hard to “kick the habit”.

    Why do people continually look to the Federal government and the 535 Congressional “clowns” that are now nothing but a U.S. based version of the old sovietski based politburo?

    If you could see the ethereal, somewhat hidden strings that control these puppets, one would see they all lead back to the corporations. Like it or not, America has become their “AmeriKa”, a corporatist state. Seriously challenge the order of the day and see what happens if you dare. There is an old oriental expression that one must “hammer down a protruding nail”. Conduct yourself like the nail in order to make serious change and you will get hammered!

    We the people have a single vote, but the corporations each have millions of votes; ie., each “buck” equals a vote. At this point in our history the corporations and the banks own or at least have a lien on our collective butts.

    The U.S. and the world at large are now experiencing a day of reckoning; ie., long term depression along with high unemployment, but rest assured our corrupt, entrenched pols will still have their greedy hand out for evermore tax debtor dollars to waste.

    Our selfish, self aggrandizing reps and leaders will have a hand in destroying us all in the final analysis; ie., if we continue to be duped by their “silver-tongued” speeches while on the campaign trail along with tolerance of their continued malfeasance while in office.

    As I’ve watched the Illinois governor during his moment of truth; I wince as to what a “punk” the good people of Illinois elected for their leader!? My blood literally runs cold as I think of Obama and his future performance, still having hope beyond all hope that he too does not turn out be a variant of this dud. Even the cynical, as myself get duped on occasion… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. Uncle Ludwig

    Let’s keep things simple.

    We no longer operate under democratic capitalism, which implies a social contract between We the People and corporate entities, whether they be private enterprise or public, profit or non-profit.

    We live once again in a feudal society. Throw away the old-school “slavery” terminology. Use the more current “ownership society” language: we have OWNERS and we have TENANTS. Listen to the marketing. Do you want to be an OWNER or a TENANT?

    Who owns what YOU use? Who is your lord and master? The etymology of lord indicates connection to a “provider of bread.” You may daily try to earn your daily bread, but who is providing it to you? That is how it works, folks. It’s not slavery if we do it willingly. We are sharecropping on somebody else’s land.

    Hoskins sees it. He uses the word fiefdom early on in his piece. And then he points the way:

    Are things bad enough yet for you so that you are willing to quit acting like you are owned and get to work at forcing those who claim these powers to start listening to those of us who make their incredible wealth possible.

    My only quibble is that we are not quite “owned” as much as we have handed over our responsibility to someone else. Arrogance and complacency are our modern vices. If we help rid ourselves of these, we’re on our way to salvation.

    Say NO to the ownership society. Say NO to feudal lords. Nobody is worthy of special consideration, or a free pass. Demand (and practice) fiduciary responsibility, and uphold the social compact of a civil society – at EVERY level.

  10. DejaVuAllOver

    Great comments, all. A little personal experience and the lesson it taught me: I was a sound guy for an NBA basketball team. I worked for the city, i.e the taxpayers, who in turn worked for the team owners. Yet another con by the corporate masters, but common to almost all teams in all our cities. Anyway, the taxpayers built a shiny new mega-arena for The Corporation, another common event these days. When the stadium first opened, the city slimeballs and the owners didn’t have the foggiest idea how the joint worked, and fire alarms kept going off for many reasons, some legit, most a result of ignorance. Anyway, being one of the peons who actually had to know how things worked, I was ordered on two occasions to bypass a portion of the fire alarm system, which allowed for safe evacuation, so the game could start on time without having to correctly fix the problem. The orders came from some high-school flunkies who were dumber than toiletries, but they just happened to be very powerful and very wealthy people in the city. (even the fire marshal was purposely kept out of the loop.) I said, “No dice, you cretins fix the problem properly; don’t expect me to keep covering your filthy holes.” (well, much more politely, but the point was the same….) I was fired for insubordination. I sued the scumbags. City judge dismissed the case, so did the county judge. Eventually went to the State Supreme Court, where the case was re-instated by unanimous verdict, as well as passing a law which made it legal for an employee to sue his employer if fired for refusing to break an existing law! (It was formerly legal to fire someone for any reason whatsoever, with almost no legal recourse available. The so-called “right to work” states.) As unbelievable as this all sounds, it’s the standard M.O. of our labor / employer contract.

    Anyway, after six years of sleeping on couches and being blacklisted, begging for work, etc. the case settled out of court and I made $120,000. My case was exceptional because it was such a high-profile case and the City was very vulnerable to bad press, BUT….. most of the people who were behind me in the beginning wimped out. JUST LIKE DEMOCRATS.

    The moral: Stick to your guns, folks. Karma doesn’t give a damn about the scum that run this country. It’ll work out, in the end. (Just when that is I dunno, but trust me, it will!)

  11. incog99

    Why Blagojevich? They all do it. Daschele king of the Invision machines for airports became wealthy creating that monopoly. (now on Obama’s cabinet, arghhh!) I believe he got his wife some nice board positons. Feinsten’s husband has made millions off the Iraq war. Libby Dole sure benefitted from her hubbie’s deals. So what’s new? Blagojevich got caught, maybe he just wasn’t subtle enough, I dunno but his actions are no different than the above. Darn, Agnew took bags of cash slipped under his desk.

    This is what we SEE in the media. This Friday, Mike Connell’s small plane went down. He just owns the servers where all of those missing White House emails disappeared. He ran the servers counting the votes in Ohio which miraculously flipped for Bush during the 2004 election in the middle of the night after exit polling and real counts clearly showed Kerry winning Ohio. His lawyer wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking for witness protection for Mike after Karl Rove was threatening him and his wife after his first deposition. Now he is dead — shades of Wellstone. Not a peep on CNN or MSNBC. He was about to testify in Ohio on the election rigging. This is front page stuff, and are we made aware of this?

    I even expect this post to be deleted since this site censors information not conforming to a Soros agenda. So yes it’s bad, “Yes Virginia there is no Santa Claus” and it appears the Republicans even eat their young.

    What to do?

    What action can we take to wrest our government back from the crime families? I have no idea but something must be done.

    Blagojevich is a side show. Much worse stuff going on while we giggle about gays and straights, Illinois politics and Britanny Spears.