The recent exposure of Governor Blagojevich as a brazen sociopath (see Dick Cavett’s piece) is yet another example of the arrogance that is bringing this nation to a world of woe. For years now we have been finding out how some portion of our population has acted as though the harsh criminal law system just doesn’t apply to them. It is hard to know whether things like this are happening more often or whether we are just finding out more often.

I mean, I am old enough to remember how John Kennedy “won” the presidency in 1960 – it was the magical finding of lost ballots in Chicago that brought Kennedy to office. Few believed the charade but yet it happened without challenge.

The fading administration of Bush/Cheney is certainly the most arrogant of all time – none have previously claimed such far reaching power and authority in the hands of so few. The “unitary executive” claimed by this President is so very brazen, arrogant and fundamentally criminal that it is breathtaking.

Fiefdoms of industry like the heads of the Big 3 automakers claim the right to hundreds of millions of dollars in personal income while they ran thriving industries into the ground. The stories are well know, they are the stuff of movies such as Los Angeles Confidential.

So what is a person who holds their wealth at our throats and who claims the absolute authority to do what they damn well please called? Master. That’s right, you and I are in servitude. We are owned; bitch to the man.

Well hell. I have been telling anyone who would listen the same thing since the mid sixties, so maybe it is time to point out the real order of life once again. So gather round campers, hear me out once again.

Are things bad enough yet for you so that you are willing to quit acting like you are owned and get to work at forcing those who claim these powers to start listening to those of us who make their incredible wealth possible. But to do so you and I have to give up whatever version of slavery still resides in our lives.

It may be adherence to a political ideology. It may be consumer or credit slavery. It could be sexual, racial or cultural slavery. I suggest each of us has that Achilles point of weakness to which we are slave. Whatever that point is, however powerful or not it may be, that is the point to which our masters aim to keep their power, their wealth, and to empower their arrogance.

Think about it. What is your point of weakness? Are you willing to cut off the point of slavery? Are you really? Do it.


  1. It goes to prove Hoosier_Cowboy that the modern MSM has degenerated into the likes of a “hit man” in the way in which they operate.

    If the owner/controllers of such media either unilaterally or as directed take someone out they will do so; and if not, they will conveniently ignore crimes and malfeasance of those in elected office for their purposes.

    Don’t expect it to improve either. America and world governments along with their respective MSM “public control” entities have degenerated into the oligarchical collectivism as outlined by Emmanuel Goldstein’s work “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism; ie., the book within the greater work “1984” by George Orwell.

    We best get to liking our station in life as abject NWO “proles”… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Amazing, had the Media and the Prosecutors applied the same standards to the present Administration as they did to the Governor of Illinois, we could have avoided at least 4 years of the ongoing tragedy experienced since 2004.

    All of a sudden, on undisclosed wiretap evidence, one man is instantly condemned, when another that sits in the WH is unquestioned as he unleashed mayhem in full public view using false assertions.

    The Pure, Unadulterated bias of the MSM springs full blown in the Public View…… not to mention pure hypocrasy.

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