There isn’t much I like about Ann Coulter, but I have to admire her gall.

I read Coulter’s weekly column without fail, linking to it from Drudge just to see what outrageous, ridiculous point she’s trying to make this time.

Today’s was pretty outrageous, all right.

This week the androgynous one is fulminating about the recount in the extremely close race in Minnesota, which has yet to yield a winner between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken.

Coulter’s take:

“Election recounts are never intended to get more accurate results. They are simply opportunities for Democrats to manufacture new votes and steal elections.

“And once again, Republicans are asleep at the wheel while another close election is being openly stolen by the man whose contributions to western civilization include the ‘Planet of The Enormous Hooters’ sketch on ‘SNL.'”

Let me first resist the opportunity to make a Coulter envy joke about enormous hooters, but then let me say that Republicans like Ann have a lot of nerve complaining about stolen elections.

I am one of those people who don’t believe Dubya Bush was ever fairly elected president, whether it was through theft in Florida in 2000 or theft in Ohio in 2004. I know that puts me over with the conspiracy nuts, but not all supposed conspiracies are nutty.

I actually think the Ohio 2004 case is stronger than Florida. Read Mark Crispin Miller’s “Fooled Again” if you don’t believe me, and look at the efforts made in both states to prevent black voters from casting their ballots.

I’m not a big fan of Al Franken, and it’s hardly going to break my heart if he loses. Still, though, I can’t let Coulter’s accusation that Democrats are the ones who steal elections pass without challenge.

Ann, stick to things you know about.

Like …

On the other hand, Ann, just shut the hell up.

California Mike is Mike Rappaport, a retired journalist who spent nearly 30 years in the newspaper business. He lives with his wife in Glendale, California.

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