Oh, the idiocy of it all

The Supreme Court has declined to hear an emergency appeal seeking to have Barack Obama declared ineligible to be president because he is half British and thus has dual citizenship and, therefore, is not a "natural born citizen."

Another appeal is pending — and facing certain denial — alleging that Obama was born in Kenya and that he might also have taken Indonesian citizenship as a child or that he might even have been born in Indonesia and adopted there.

And what about that birth certificate on file with the state of Hawaii, and vouched for by state officials, that everybody who has examined it finds satisfactory proof that Obama is indeed a native-born American? "A fraud, a forgery," insists an unsuccessful plaintiff.

And what about that birth announcement Obama’s parents placed in the Honolulu Advertiser on Aug. 13, 1961, eight days after he was born? Simply proof that the plot to place a foreigner in the White House is far cleverer and more far-reaching that we had imagined.

Federal district courts have dismissed similar suits and the more persistent of those true believers may appeal too, with the same result. But the charge that Obama is ineligible to be president lives on in the further reaches of the Internet. Some idiocies, it seems, are just too stupid to die.


  1. Zman

    Will this finally shut up the right wing-nut radio blowhards such as Billy Cunningham and Mark Levin?

    Sadly, it probably won’t.

  2. Siannan

    For years, I’ve said that if a turd had a voice it would sound like Mark Levin. Apparently, they might share brain cells also.

  3. Elmo

    Thanks to the Internet, crackpot notions that people would like to believe are proliferating. Since most people are ill-equipped to differentiate between fact and opinion (and far less equipped to tell truth from humbug), they become a ready made echo chamber for all sorts of idiocy.

    If the Tribune hadn’t been on the verge of bankruptcy I doubt even they would have accepted the advertisement that brought so much of this to people who had been insulated from it. To their credit, they added an article which refuted the allegations in the ad point-by-point.

    But there are still way too many morons who aren’t even able to tell the difference between their arses and their elbows — you can see them rolling up their sleeves as they head for the rest room.

  4. Garry Puffer

    I take offense at this article and these comments. To dismiss this as “idiocy” merely shows that not much research has been done. Whether you agree with this notion or not, there are very good reasons for pursuing it. Also, no independent person, to my knowledge, has examined the birth certificate on file, and no one has referred to it as a “forgery.” This is either deliberately misleading or poor scholarship. The “forgery” is the COLB posted on the internet, which is not the same thing.
    My question is this: if indeed Sen. Obama’s birth certificate is A-OK, why has he not produced it? Another question: what is in his papers at Columbia University that he wishes us not to see? He has blocked release of all of his records related to that time in his life. Why? He was running for President. I would think anyone, even Mr. McFeatters, would expect full disclosure.
    This is a constitutional issue: where was Sen. Obama born? I urge Mr. McFeatters to bone up on at least Phil Berg’s lawsuit. There’s more here than meets the eye. Since it would be so simple for Sen. Obama to put all of this to rest, why has he not done so? He is, in fact, behaving exactly the way someone would if they were guilty.
    I’m sorry, we may all be wrong, but we are not idiots, and I for one resent being referred to that way.

    Garry Puffer
    Riverside CA

  5. storky

    Sorry, the shoe fits.

    “My question is this: if indeed Sen. Obama’s birth certificate is A-OK, why has he not produced it?”

    Because the OFFICIAL source for all birth certificates is the state agency that records live births – in this case Hawaii’s Department of Health


    If you’re not convinced, fly to Hawaii, stroll up to the Health Department and purchase a copy for yourself.

    Keep us apprised of your progress.

  6. gazelle1929

    Puffer is right. You have puffed up a small pile of nothing into a huge putrid pile of poisonous crap. I shoulda said pap to continue the alliteration, but my conscience talked me out of it.

    I will respond to only one statement in your garbage:

    “To dismiss this as ‘idiocy’ merely shows that not much research has been done.”

    That may be the stupidest thing that has been posted on this site during my tenure here. This steaming pile of dog manure has been researched, dissected, discussed, and dismissed so many times that there ought to be an award for the most useless use of the internet since its founding.

    Please do not waste our time and bandwidth on further discussions of this non-issue. You are either insulting our intelligence or showing your total inability to think for yourself (or both.)

  7. JerZGirl

    Personally, I place all who continue with this fantasy among those who are members of the Flat Earth Society and who believe the Holocaust never happened. They may not believe it to be idiocy, but most reasonable people do.

    “There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

  8. Charlie Couser

    The fact that this moronic crap refuses to go away only proves two things:

    1. The Internet is a very powerful tool &

    2. There are a lot of idiots out there still looking for a village…

    Charlie Couser

  9. PlacitasRoy

    And Clinton shot Vince Foster
    Same anti-democracy whack jobs who were floating the inane nonsense to detract the Clinton agenda are the same whack jobs pushing this. It is just another attempt to detract from his authority and legitimacy.

    The issue floated around the internet along with other outright LIES and Muslim libel and was subject to numerous law suits. It was debunked by public officials & reputable fact check sites. The voters had ample opportunity to know about the issue and decided to give Obama a popular and electoral mandate!

    The US is a nation of rights, Constitutions and laws. We’re not a nation of men, birth or soil.

    I’ve upped my standards….now up yours! – Pat Paulson

  10. adamrussell

    I dont understand why the Supreme court has not handled this already. They should have thrown both out the same day.