The LA Times ran an article today that revealed a memo sent to the Bush cabinet members and higher-level staff entitled “Speech Topper on the Bush Record.” The two-pager included items that he President expected to be pushed in public summing up the last eight years of his administration and claiming a variety of successes and triumphs that Bush wants to be remembered by.

Some highlights:

• He “kept the American people safe” after 9/11 (although apparently not safe from Anthrax-laced letters and other low-level “terrorist” items.)

• He “the honor and the dignity of his office.” (This is something we are known for all over the world, right?)

• He “responded with bold measures to prevent an economic meltdown” during our current crisis… and, of course, it has continued to get worse.

• “He promised to raise standards and accountability in public schools — and delivered the No Child Left Behind Act,” something most people hope the Obama Administration will deep-six with due speed.

• Several other points, like how Bush’s tax cuts spurred economic growth and how he curbed AIDS in Africa (which has some truth), are added to make his record appear to be an unalloyed success.

This is all part of the Presidential Legacy program being run by Karl Rove and does nothing to mention over a half million unemployed, over 4,000 dead soldiers in Iraq, the largest debt in American History, the lowest rating a President has ever received from the American Public, or anything else.

This is pathetic!

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