I’m going to reverse my earlier decision to require reader bloggers on this site to use their names. I’ve had a number of good conversations with readers via email and by phone and many make good, valid points.

Some have explained to me who they are and why they fear using their real name or providing background information as a blogger on a widely-read news site. I understand their concerns.

I don’t wish to put anyone in danger if they truly believe that using their names would do so. I believe some may be overereacting but they are a better judge of the danger than I.

I’ve also been touchy with people in comments here and on The Rant. I just came off five weeks with pneumonia and I may have tried to come back to early. I apologize for that.

Some already use their names in their blogs. Some do not. What I would ask is that those who feel comfortable using their names feel free to do so.

Please understand that I will continue to delete blogs that promote racism, hate, or bigotry. I will also delete blogs that have nothing to do with politics or governmental issues. This is a political news web site. I ask that everyone remember that.


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