At noon, on Saturday, Dec. 6, supporters of death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal will gather at Philadelphia City Hall for a protest march through downtown that will conclude at the Federal Court Building. International solidarity actions are being held in France, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Mexico, while in the US, events are organized in Detroit, San Francisco, Baltimore, Portland, and San Diego. Mumia is currently appealing to the US Supreme Court for a new guilt-phase trial, while the Philadelphia DA is appealing to the same court in an effort to execute Mumia without a new sentencing-phase jury trial.

The new video Fighting for Mumia’s Freedom: a report from Philadelphia focuses on the March 27, 2008 denial of a new guilt-phase trial for Mumia, the DA’s continued attempt to execute him, and the response of Mumia and his international support network.

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Mumia is appealing the US Third Circuit Court decision denying a new guilt-phase trial or a preliminary hearing that could have led to a new guilt phase trial. The Supreme Court granted his request for a 60-day extension, so he will have to submit his petition by Dec. 19, 2008.

The Philadelphia DA is appealing the Third Circuit Court’s affirmation of US District Court Judge William Yohn’s 2001 decision, which ‘overturned’ the death penalty and stated that if the DA wants to re-impose the death sentence, they must hold a new penalty-phase jury trial where new evidence of Mumia’s innocence can be presented, BUT, the jury can only decide between a sentence of life without chance of parole or execution. The DA will submit their petition by Nov. 19, 2008.

Fighting for Mumia’s Freedom: a report from Philadelphia can be viewed via You Tube (parts 1 and 2) or Google Video. You can also download the 150 MB wmv file.

Fighting‘s original footage from 2008 in Philadelphia features Pam Africa, Linn Washington Jr., Sundiata Sadiq, J. Patrick O’Connor, Cynthia McKinney, Harold Wilson, Ramona Africa, Julia Wright, Veronica Jones, Taina Asili, Rebel Diaz, and more.