UPDATE: After considerable conversation with readers who blog, I have decided to reverse this decision and allow the blogs to continue as they have. I asked for reader feedback and you gave me some good, valid reasons for not changing the current system. Thank you for the feedback.

Beginning Dec. 15, bloggers on Capitol Hill Blue will be required to use their real names and will also be required to provide background information for readers. In recent weeks, we have had too many problems with bloggers using this web site to promote products, conspiracy theories or agendas that have promoted racism, hate or anti-Semitism. I’ve had to delete more than 30 blog postings in the past two weeks and have suspended 11 users from blogging and commenting privileges.

The theme of the administration of the incoming President elect is "transparency." Our readers deserve nothing less. Those who wish to blog here must change their user names to their real name and also provide a brief background paragraph that provides readers with information about them.  You can do this by clicking on "My Account" after logging in. I suggest you study these paragraphs about our columnists and use them as an example:

Hal Brown is a clinical social worker and former mental health center director who is mostly retired from his private psychotherapy practice. He writes on the psychopathology of public figures and other topics that pique his interest. He can be found online at www.stressline.com

Phil Hoskins is a Hollywood attorney and activist who founded Take Back West Hollywood.

Robert Kezelis is a lawyer, sculptor and writing curmudgeon based south of Chicago.

Because of an increase in spam comments, we are also considering changes in our commenting system. Most likely, we will either go to a moderation system (such as the one used by sites like The Huffington Post) or also require those who post comments to do so under their actual names.

We welcome any input you have on both of these issues.


  1. It’s only the BLOG side of the website that gets the new rules, NOT the Rant side, and to my knowledge it applies to the folks who publish their blogs.

    Do I have it right Doug?

    Jeff H in TX

  2. As a RR regular, I don’t spend much time blogging on CHB, but I’ve been around since 2002, and have some 2000 (mostly very long) posts. I really don’t want my name placed in the public domain, and here’s why:

    One click of the mouse can bring anyone to a site where they can find out… free of charge:
    1. Name
    2. Other names used by that person, including mispellings
    3. Current and all other previous addresses used by the person
    4. Name of spouse or other members of the household and anyone using else using that address
    5. A map of the address
    6. A bird’s eye view of the house
    7. Telephone number
    8. Dollar value of the house or a nearby house.
    9. A listing by name and address of all neighbors in the general area of the house.
    10. A listing of other persons who may have lived with or been associated by marriage or cohabitation, going back many years.
    11. The actual age of all of the persons named above.
    12. Direct links to the same personal information of all of those persons named.

    All for free… and more available for a small sum, about education traffic and criminal records, credit reports, police reports etc, etc….

    I will not make public my name or address, and trust that CHB would not release the information that they already have, including my email address.

    I hate the thought of having to find another website where I feel comfortable with the people who post there… Kinda like leaving old friends. Just can’t face exposing personal information about myself, my wife and my family… Too many “strangers” out there who take pleasure in hurting others.
    this too, shall pass

  3. It is too bad that you have to resort to this because there are those who either can not or will not abide by a few simple rules.

    Ron Gore (a/k/a T. J. Flapsaddle)
    Chemist and teacher on the Texas Gulf Coast

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