Two Republicans, two failures

On one hand we can review the words of President Richard Nixon who had a mania for control over his White House but sadly lacked the integrity and honesty needed for success. On the other hand, we can review the words of President George W. Bush to see an opposite approach but was sadly lacking in intelligence needed for success.

Neither man had a sense of right versus wrong and both lost the respect of the American people doing damage to the nation and the Republican Party.

The saddest example of this damage is the need for President Bush to try and white wash his actions and lack thereof. His reliance on men like Vice President Dick Cheney and advisor Karl Rove will forever taint his every move from his inauguration to his final move from the White House.

Both Presidents were liars. Both men abused their power as elected Presidents in ways more harmful than any occupants of the White House in the past.

The Nixon library has released information on his private tapes and the David Front interviews have been released to the public. Now it will be Bush’s push for a legacy showing he was used by others for 8 years. He was given bad information on just about everything. It is plain his brain was turned off for any thought of evaluation of anything. His reaction to data was so slow to stir his actions that he will forever be thought of as a fool.

Here is the problem as I see it. We have no balance of another point of view that the two parties shared since the end of the Civil War. We now have a one-sided Democratic White House and Congress. Can they control the ultra-Liberal desire for government regulations? It has been many years since the political point of view of the GOP has been an asset as they gave up on individual freedoms found in a limited government and the Republicans killed off themselves. It was an example of political suicide but missed being a death with dignity.

Is there ever going to be another political point of view to surface as oversight? Is it too much to ask that our government can operate without corruption? Have we all fallen into the pattern of looking into the eyes of tyrants for our leaders? Have we finally fallen out of our own culture of preferring right over wrong? Will we be content to sit and wait for our government to set our social instructions? I read Orwell as a young chap and the message stayed with me all these years.