Bush Lied? BUSH LIED!?!?!?

Nah, not King George, Maybe deadeye Dick, but King George, no way! Y’all just misunderstood what Bush was saying! Weren’t his exact words: “We’re not in a recession”, ? That’s what he said. You naive people mistakenly thought he meant the country. Nope! Bush meant the Bush Family, the Cheneys, and all the Congressmen and Senators as well as the well paid off not so Supreme anymore Court.

They ain’t sufferin folks. Just we poor slobs who are on fixed incomes or on no incomes at all because their company fired, layed-em-off, or otherwise dumped them into the great morass of the unwashed and unemployed. Bush did NOT say: “You’re not in a recession,” so stop saying he lied—–about THAT.

Ya gotta watch the pronouns folks. These are our leaders and they choose their speechwriters very carefully. Ergo, WE must learn to LISTEN very carefully.

If we don’t we might begin to believe that the new President-Elect was promising a different course, a new direction, while all the time he was simply asking for We The People to donate whatever nickles, dimes, quarters…

After all, he did say: “We need change.”

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