World AIDS day is as good a day as any to advance the theory that the entire scientific establishment is barking up the wrong tree. That is, they have accepted, uncritically, the hypothesis that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS. This is the scientific orthodoxy regarding AIDS in America and Europe, where it is to this day still largely confined to gay men, recreational drug users, and hemophiliacs. It is also the orthodoxy regarding AIDS in Africa, where the syndrome occurs more generally in the population. Yet it is asserted that HIV is the the cause of both “epidemics” (ironic quotes intentional).

Libertarians often note how government, as a force-wielding institution, manages to destroy institutions that would serve a valuable purpose in a free society. AIDS research is one such example of government meddling and intervention prolonging a serious problem.

A hundred years from now, scientific historians will look back on our approach to AIDS and shake their heads in disbelief. How could so many scientists, with PhD’s by the boatload, go so many years barking up the wrong tree?

If you want to read about the non-orthodox theory of AIDS, the place to start is . This is the website of Peter Duesberg, a professor of molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley. He has a long and distinguished resume in the field of virology, and has been widely published.

He also goes against the scientific orthodoxy on the subject of AIDS, and is therefore something of a pariah. He is often accused–without foundation–of being anti-gay, because he challenges the Received Truth that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.

To state Duesberg’s objections very, very briefly: HIV does not display the characteristics of other viral epidemics, which may start with a small subset of the population, but rapidly moves into the general population. AIDS in America shows all the characteristics of a behaviorally-caused disease: it tends to stay in a small part of the population that practices certain distinct behaviors.

Duesberg maintains that AIDS is the result, not of a viral infection, but of behaviors and lifestyles that tend to compromise the human immune system. Chief among these behaviors is recreational drug use, including (but not limited to) drugs that are used as aphrodisiacs, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and “poppers.”

The case against the scientific orthodoxy in AIDS is too large to cover with any sort of thoroughness in a single blog entry. But I would encourage those who want to consider the other side of the issue, to visit Duesberg’s website and follow the links to other sources of information.

Before anyone accuses me of being anti-gay, I have been friends with many gay men in my time, and can honestly say I have no negative feelings against gay men whatsoever. In fact, I think gay men in many ways are victims of the scientific orthodoxy, as many who test positive for HIV are moved into highly toxic drug therapies that (you guessed it) also compromise the immune system. The chief, but not only, culprit in this matter is AZT.

More than two decades after the declaration that HIV is the cause of AIDS, we are nowhere near a cure for the syndrome. But in matters of scientific orthodoxy, always follow the money. There are literally billions to be made in research towards an HIV vaccine that has never materialized. So long as the scientific orthodoxy remains, there are billions more to be spent barking up the wrong tree.

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