Open Letter to a Conservative Friend

    An open letter to a Conservative friend…..

    The election in November showed many of us how the American voters felt about our Federal Government. You tend to blame all the evils on the Liberals and you could not understand how McCain/Palin lost.

    Looking back at the campaign, you felt that McCain was a Conservative as was Palin. But looking back 20 years ago, both Bush Presidents and McCain classified themselves at Conservatives. None of them fit the agenda of a balanced budget and an honest limited government. But all were announcing they were pro-life Christians.

    Let’s get out of the past and discuss the future. How can we repair the damage that both parties have done to Americans? I want to discuss a plan to repair our nation. We can no longer count on the Constitution as it was trashed in the last 15 or more years.

    We agree that the world is under terrorist attacks. Tearing down the new President Elect in the eyes of the world is not acceptable. It is simply another way to divide Americans emotionally. The problems lie in America not Islam. It is up to us to figure out how to live with and avoid these terrorist attacks.

    Destroying Islam will mean killing off several billion humans, before they kill off Christians and Jews. Not a good plan….. Is there any place in your mind for peace? Can we ever accept different Gods or no Gods as our choice of freedoms? Your support of the Bush doctrines shows me you lean into homophobia and prohibitions promoting only life. Your willingness to kill Americans for oil is no longer acceptable.

    I know for a fact that the GOP will continue to declare wars with Islam even when it has bankrupted the American people. Rather than read your personal attacks against Obama, it is time you offered some solutions for America.

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