Is Islam responsible for the attack on Mumbai of India? I’m hearing from many that this is just one of thousands of Islamic attacks all over the world.

Is America officially at war with Islam? How do we do this? How do we get a breakdown of Muslims and Islam? The World Almanac in 2004 tells us that there are over 2 billion Muslims in the world and 4 and a half million in North America.

My problem is trying to figure out how to fight this war between the 3 major Gods. Can I trust the American government to tell the truth about 9/11? According to many books, the White House was warned in advance that we had troops left in the Middle East on holy ground and the Muslim/Islam wanted them moved. This information came from a very reliable series of books trying to explain why 9/11.

Are we going to fight over oil, holy land, and the Gods of other nations forever? Is it now established fact that America is a Christian nation? Do we fight the Crusades again and again until Muslim/Islam is dead? Is this our new focus and platform? Is there no possibility of meeting with the leaders of Muslim/Islam? The United Nations can’t even decide what menu to have for lunch.

If America is a Secular nation what would be wrong with removing our troops from the Middle East? I get the impression that America is considered a very Christian nation nearly approaching Evangelical proportions. Would we then be declared the enemy to all other nations?

These are games being played by cowards in all nations. We Americans are pawns in this game that I am tiring of it dailly. We cannot expect President elect Obama to speak up and demand some kind of peace treaty with all of Islam as the Republicans believe him to be a Muslim.

What’s the next move?


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