The grave beckons
Eternal ubiquitous intelligence beatified in utter quietude
Is the dead really asleep or helplessly awake
A comfortable summation for the finite mind
Or a glaring opposite of the dead´s greatest wish.

Abode in godlike eternity, how they exist baffles me
All the dead of centuries past
At peace after mundane squabbles or engaged in wars unpublished?
Angry at discarded ancient adoration?
Vengeful at businesses unresolved?
Exciting mystery, death show thyself without me.

Have I witnessed it?
A Grecian gift pregnant with Eden´s forbidden fruit
Though choice, my choice wasn´t even solicited
Chorus decision, Cromwellian prison, chains and the stake
Silence, deathly silence hid my rage
What death´s eyes sees I saw
And wondered how the dead reacts.

If the dead should talk
What dreadful revelations lies in such silent mystery
What fearful oracle of events yet un-conceived
What potent solution of present woes
But silence, a pity nature stays unmoved.