We need to get our representatives out for their long terms that they have…Once they’re voted in they never get out! And they become Complacent about our/the Peoples Needs. They’re supposed to be representing us, the PEOPLE. But when they vote themselves waves of raises, without our having a voice..who are they representing. Do they have the financial difficulties that most of us are going through with gas prices, food and utilities, and everything else going up? Why don’t they stay in as our representative for the same terms our President has…NO MORE THAN so many terms…NOT FOREVER. Or if they do stay, then when it comes to giving themselves raises for any reason….send this out to the PEOPLE, and let us decide if they should have a raise from our taxes. We look at the CEO’s of our auto industry using our taxes to fly by private jets around the country for meetings…what’s different about our so called congress and senate? They just do it on a different scale. ENOUGH…TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO TAKE BACK THE DECISIONS!!!