Peace activists, libertarians and lefties join the struggle to get cabinet officials and other government officials more to our liking. Obama loves to find the middle ground, but with one side screaming and the other hibernating, the middle ground moves over quite a bit.

Can’t urge a better top diplomat (the Secretary of State) than a most undiplomatic Hillary Clinton? I’d rather see her as Secretary of Defense, she’s much more a general than a diploma. Maybe it isn’t too late for Move On Dot. Org to lobby for Bill Richardson for Secretary of State, who is a skilled diplomat, and was being considered for the job without any heavy lobbying.

Can’t we lobby for one of the fired justice department officials to be Attorney General or even Bob Barr which would be along with the theme of bringing us all together. Why am only I pushing for George Soros to be in charge of the bail out, which should be a temporary shot while new smaller companies take the place of the failing giants?

Why isn’t Nader urging for nominees in favor of a gas tax? Why isn’t Ron Paul and Huckabee suggesting a bare bones bail out, such as a massive Mexican style bus system, shanty town zoning, allowing the homeless to make bonfires, like during the first depression and giving bread and fruit to the churches to give to the poor? Paul loved his first job at a public hospital. Why isn’t he urging that they get restored?

Unfortunately something different of the above got on every readers nerves. The peace movement of the 60’s was a leftist alliance. The new peace movement recently was an unhappy alliance between leftists, peace dreamers, and libertarians. When Bob Murtha was rejected by half the lefties, it makes Nancy Palosi etc., lose their nerve, especially since some lefties complained that Murtha was a so-called un-indicted co-conspirator by constantly telling a phony Arab Sheik “later” instead of “no,” making Nancy etc., fear that, if they did too much, their own skeletons would be exposed, and thus feared the movement would likewise abandon them.

During the debates, Obama did a lot of backing down, seeking the middle ground but he stood firm against aid to the Columbian death-squad government and for the need for human rights earmarks in our trade laws this against both Hillary and McCain. The President pulling one way and the Secretary of State another way won’t lead to a consistent policy toward Columbia, nor trade law interpretation.

Many are marching on the school of America’s demanding it be closed,
Instead they should be lobbying for Obama to return to his original idea of making Richardson Secretary of State, before so many insiders began heaping praise on Hillary. Forget about closing the school of America’s until the cabinet in final. If Richardson is Secretary of State, and Obama wants the school to remain, Richardson, would be looking at everything the school did with a microscope for the rest of his tenure.

Anyway if us lefties, libertarians and otherwise unlabeled peace activists don’t get together and suggest a joint alternate cabinet, and other officials, we will all discover what a wonderful man Obama is after he leaves office rather than during it, like we did with Jimmy Carter. So far only the Hispanics around Richardson are crying fowl. Let’s all join them and make Obama a better President.

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