During the last years of Clinton’s presidency, and for the first six years of the (increasingly apparent criminal) Bush Cabal, both the House and Senate were controlled by one party. The GOP had a throttle over the entire government, including the DOJ, the courts, and the all important agencies. (EPA, NASA, SSN, and dozens more)

Oops, I forgot. Between bribes, pay-offs, faux news plants, and direct and indirect pressures, the Bush Cabal also had a decent grip on the media. So much for its so-called liberal bias, not when Sunday political talk shows sought out GOP stalking heads 60% or more of the time.

I previously wrote about the inherent danger of inhaling the heady vapors from that fetid, rotting, stinking corpse-ridden pool d’cess that constitutes the DC Bloatway. Anyone spending significant time there eventually gets that DC disease. It can be summed up thusly: “I be important. You outsiders are mere serfs.” Those with the tiniest security clearance can be even worse.

Our newest regional party, (once called the GOP), surely had its fill of those vapors. Abramof? DeLay? Hastert? Frist? Foley? They were but a hint of future trouble. The Stevens conviction is another step in their willful self-destruction. Plainly put, November 4 is proof that the GOP screwed their own future.

Their behavior, especially with lobbyists and the military-industrial complex, has given an unusual group of spineless, clueless, fearful followers (today’s Democrats), their chance to redeem themselves. And therein lies the danger. Not only have they disappointed us rather badly over the past two years, we have yet to see any proof that they will behave:

a) with a spine
b) ethically
c) with the goal of seeking the best for the nation
d) without being paid political whores for lobbyists from the NRA, AIPAC, and religious groups, to the defense industry.

It is bad enough to simply be cherished as a demi-god, 1 of the most powerful 100 persons in the whirled. In some ways, it can worse to be elected as 1 of holy 435. Many of them become even more arrogant, but with 1/10 the money, and half the intelligence of the above mentioned 100 demigods.

Once the GOP had all the control, they eventually lost their self-control. Their natural inclinations to be assholes, thieves and hippo-crits were reinforced by their president, channeled by their house and senate leaders, and bolstered by a conservative, lauding, supportive press. The result has been what we now see in DC today. Their demise becomes more welcome each day.

The Democrats now control 2 of the 3 branches (some might call congress a stump instead) of government. By controlling both the ()in house (senate) and the outhouse (congress), we risk repeating the same major mistakes the GOP committed. We risk our best and brightest becoming another “Stevens” in unethical behavior, or worse. We must keep a serious watch, an ethical eye, and a strong line of communications going with respect to how DEMOCRATS in office behave. Unless we police our own, we risk falling into the same behavior that the GOP thrived upon – and which eventually led to the GOP’s downfall as a national party. If it can ever recover, it will take today’s GOP at least a generation to do it. Still, they have potholes like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman to deal with.

One major problem is K Street. Sure, they are ushering out the GOP hacks they hired, and are trying to buy into the new majority. Still, with constant vigilance, we can try to keep their impact at bay. A bigger problem is the military-industrial complex. When the US spends (even without IraqNam or Afghanistan factored in) more than the rest of the world combined, each year on arms, you know they have plenty of green ready to insure their financial future in congress. And every pol inside the bloatway understands the power of green. How can they maintain office without that financial support? (insert growl and shake of the head)

As lobbies go, it is not all bad news. AIPAC is probably the biggest loser, at long last. Recently, they became so reich wing that even Israel’s major parties are looking for ways to avoid the taint. If nothing else, Congress is finally thinking about the middle east almost rationally. AIPAC is no longer the sole representative of Israel or the muddle east.

Well, we can hope.

Our toughest job has just begun. Unless we supervise, observe, confirm, ask hard questions, and keep pressuring our congresscritters and their more expensive brothers, we will end up with the Democrats behaving no better than the GOPers they replaced.

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