Question: What says it “wants” to change, yet simply can’t do it?

Answer: The Federal Government.

The festering shit pile that is Washington D.C. is showing an ever increasing number of signs that absolutely nothing is going to change, except perhaps the faces of the swine at the trough.

For the record I DID vote…I DID NOT vote for the President elect…nor did I vote for his principal opponent in the election either.

But I thought ok, maybe the popular vote might just have something here…so I waited. I hoped. And like every citizen of this country, I have been betrayed once again by the government that is supposed to be acting in OUR interest, and not in their own.

The latest layer of bail outs, proposed and real, as well as “statements” by the President elect, have convinced me that no matter who is in the office they all see us (the tax payers) of the country as cattle waiting to be milked. We’re crash diving at what only can be described as terminal velocity, and the traitorous bastards are adding more to the burden that is taking us down.

My sense of rage is all I can call my own these days, as the new herd of flatulent cattle that purport to “lead the way to change” have mortgaged my life and my livelihood to be forevermore taxed beyond any reasonable limit.

How much more do they think they can do this before the entire system implodes of its own bloated weight, and the flags of our debtors fly over the capitol building?

Well, if that’s the way of it…then so be it. All of you reading this; I encourage you to go into business. Do anything, as long as you can legitimately show your activity is connected to business…open up a basic website selling lavender coated frammerjammits if need be…then when it begins to fail…ASK FOR A HAND OUT FROM THE FEDS. At the very least, you’d be getting back some of the money extorted from you by way of the same bastards that took it from you in the first place.

I’m sure that you’ll have to couch it in more eloquent terms than mine, but hey….it can’t hurt right?

Better yet, every one of you that reads this, start declaring bankruptcy.

Admittedly, the thought of doing so rubs me the wrong way morally. That being said, as far as I can see, the only way that We the People are ever going to gain (or regain) even the smallest control of this country is to force a crash. Through massive numbers of us simply doing everything we can legally to simply bring the system to its knees….is (unfortunately) the only way out I think.

To say the least, a couple of million bankruptcies per month for a full year or so WILL send a message if nothing else.

If big business can use financial blackmail as a business tool, why can’t the rest of us do the very same thing?

I’m utterly disgusted. ‘Nuff said.

M. Terry

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