I posted,“We Can affect a Secret Democratic vote of Leiberman”, but not by screaming, on the Oxford Gazette; no response yet,
A day later on Daily Kos change it to “Just say no to the Democratic Party if Lieberman stays” and got lively discussion. PS the vote is Tuesday, but I didn’t see an official verification.

Earlier I sent several places “Why are Some So Angry at Obama? This is information that may discourage would be assassins”, However, checking on it, a link didn’t work, and fixed it several times. At Oxford Gazette the last time I tried to correct it, Googling didn’t work and I ended up not realizing the introduction section of the article was left out of the 4th reedit. Suddenly a lot of discussion on why my analysis was wrong,

I condemned Palin during the election, but now think she has a right to be treated with self-respect. A bloggers answered, You also have a right to respect yourself, but we don’t have to, where he highlighted a simple misspelling.

It’s claimed that the Internet is responsible for Obama’s rise. But young people use the internet and if they couldn’t, I think would have supported Obama anyway. The Internet made “Rednecks for Obama” instantly well-known, but they had a small place on the internet for almost a month, and the fancy commercially original sign, was probably predated by a hand-scrawled one. Maybe more would know about it with slower personal to personal communication.

The Nation was an honored progressive weekly. The last time a Nation story was repeated around the Internet and in several other publications, was a warm eulogy to Tony Snow, not what you would expect. Over and over again, The Nation’s gentle insight lost among the Internet hate. Clearly the Nation’s deep insight is rarely looked at, instead of a staple died for many progressives.

Do other people have postings that went nowhere, until repeated with a lot of anger? I want to hedge a little but then less people will be aware of this posting

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