After listening to all the whining now emanating from Outer Wingnuttia as to why the Republicans lost the election, it is becoming ever clearer to me that the most cherished wet dream of Republicans is that liberalism can somehow be defeated, finally and irreversibly, much like armies are beaten and unwanted rodents are exterminated.

Clearly, Mr. Obama made an end run around the decades-old Republican fund raising approach of relying on monied corporate donors to out-spend the Democrats this time around. What the Republicans didn’t plan on was the absolutely brilliant way Mr. Obama used the Internet to raise millions of dollars in small cash donations from ordinary (spelled “Internet savvy”) citizens. Indeed, like the vast majority of his aging, wing-nut followers (not to mention by his own admission) Mr. McCain is anything BUT “Internet savvy.”

However, I’ve now come to believe that all of this is not just about winning (or losing) elections.

I’m now developing a theory that the dream of every far-right Republican is to look for (and then implement) ingenious ways to completely screw up the inner workings of our government and then completely de-fund the left so as to permanently bar them from effectively controlling our nation. It would appear that the conservative worldview is to create a corporate nirvana in which “confiscatory” taxes on corporations (and the onerous, highly restrictive regulation of same) will never again be allowed to threaten the fortunes of their monied corporate elite.

For, why else would Dubya have put some of the most incompetent imbeciles in charge of some of our most important government agencies? We all remember Bush’s “You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie” comment while half of New Orleans remained underwater. We also can recall him putting such total idiots as Donald Rumsfeld in charge of the Pentagon and air-heads like Paul Bremer in charge of post-invasion Iraq. I shudder to think about how many senior military officers and career civilians these clowns drove out of the government with their absolutely incompetent leadership.

But, now, all of those seemingly inconsistent actions are starting to make perfect sense.

Indeed, it is becoming ever clearer that, for decades now, the Republicans have not only wanted to make liberalism irrelevant…they’ve actually been striving to completely exterminate it (along with a smooth running US Government that would support it) from the face of the planet.

Like many others posting here, I, too, have been continually puzzled why such self-proclaimed “fiscal conservatives” as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush would, once they got into office, then proceed to incur some of the largest deficits in our nation’s history.

Could it simply be that George W. Bush (like Ronald Reagan and Dubya’s father before him) have actually been deliberately hard at work running up our national debt during their times in office so as to deprive the Democrats of the fiscal means to carry out their grand plans to make our government serve all the people, not just the corporate robber barons?

That is, the Republican’s seemingly reckless behavior and inconsistent actions make FAR more sense if viewed from the standpoint that paying more interest on a ballooning national debt will eventually consume so much of our Gross Domestic Product as to make it all but impossible for the Democrats to fund their so-called “socialist” programs and hence, to effectively govern.

Or, to put it another way, the Republican playbook seems to first call for royally screwing up the government in such a way that hordes of highly competent career civil servants leave in disgust. Then, by running up huge deficits, they deny subsequent Democratic administrations with the fiscal means to underwrite such things as more EPA or Food and Drug inspectors because more and more tax revenue must be diverted to pay interest on our largely Republican created $10+ Trillion national debt.

Clearly, if there’s no discretionary tax money left in the US Treasury or competent government professionals left on government payrolls, then the corporate robber barons have a much freer reign to exploit the rest of us…thereby insuring that the Republican wet dream of “no government invention in the free marketplace” becomes reality…by default.

So, in that sense, it appears this latest election was not just another chapter in an ongoing cultural war between conservatives and liberals.

It was, in fact, simply the latest chapter in an all-out fiscal war designed by the Republicans for no other purpose than to completely deny the Democrats the fiscal resources they need to effectively regulate commerce and govern.

By running up Trillion (with a “T”) dollar debts and royally screwing up the inner workings of our government, they have very effectively denied Mr. Obama and his incoming team with the fiscal and people resources he so desperately needs to protect us all from being completely exploited by the corporate robber barons.

It is painfully obvious that George W. Bush’s legacy of gutting our government’s corps of career professionals (not to mention his and his Republican predecessor’s “cut and spend” fiscal policies) have now made it all but impossible for Mr. Obama to effectively govern.

Which, I firmly believe, is all part of the Republican’s plan…

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