As the Bush administration crawls to it’s close, they seem to be trumpeting their final insults to the rule of law, and to the country. Though it seems a crawl to those of us who cannot wait for the regime to depart, there doesn’t seem to be enough time to put the final touches on their agenda to destroy America and get away Scott free with their crimes and the loot.

Now there seems to be a blatant announcement out there that Bush plans a “blanket” pardon, for anyone involved with his torture program, illegal spying, politicizing the Justice Department, creating an unaccountable army, lying to the Congress to go to war, and god knows what else we don’t even know about (lots of convenient “suicides” occurred).

I think it’s time for America to make one last final and loud push, to impeach. It’s the only way to keep the little bastard from pardoning himself and all of his crooks and liars. If the Democrats don’t get off their weak political asses and do something about accountability, they will lose, not gain, power in 2010.

I’m all for Barack’s wish to join forces and get the country on the move, but if some of these people aren’t punished for their crimes, they’ll be back. Republicans have proven themselves to be criminal when in power. There is no reason to trust them. Look at Bush and Cheney, and many of their cronies left over from Iran Contra..also never investigated. Why should Republicans continuously get away with their crimes? I say we impeach Dubjah, NOW. It’s not a long dragged out affair at all, and new members of Congress take office on January 3rd, which will be a majority able to impeach even before Obama takes office on the 20th. Kucinich has already done all the paperwork. What say you? How can we let these criminals avoid justice?

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