I took an hour this morning looking over at the many internet sites that I had been reading for many years. They are angry! The Conservatives are blaming everyone for their loss on the election. The media takes the biggest blame with Americans who found fault with President Bush 43 a second-place blame.

There is not doubt in my mind that 80% of the GOP were taken for a ride under all Presidents after Reagan. Coming up with a One World Order family called Bush was the final assault on a limited government and individual rights.

I give up… I do not want an American Empire under God. I do not trust the Religious Right to stay within the limits of the Constitution as they have been taught a different set of government laws.

I will retract any statement of trying to rebuild the most dangerous political party for America. The Party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and the words of wisdom of Goldwater are completely dead. Freedom and liberty are simply things to laugh at from here on.

America did choose to elect a good man for the White House and I will go off line rather than read or listen to the dirt the GOP will throw at him. It has started already.

A movement of rage is starting for 2012 and I do not have the endurance to fight back.


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