It’s time to stop worshipping Reagan

Shiite Republicans are up in arms over President-elect Obama’s supposed attack on the Reagan legacy in his press conference this week.

Obama made a joke — that didn’t work — about Nancy Reagan and seances, and then had the class to call Mrs. Reagan personally and apologize for it.

But the Fox News, Limbaugh/Hannity crowd is all over him, saying it shows he lacks class and is going to be a buffoon as president.

If this proves one thing, it’s that all the right’s whining about “political correctness” is sort of hollow. There’s every bit as much PC thinking about their late, great hero as there is about the sacred cows on the left.

We need to face facts. Ronald Reagan and his followers are every bit as responsible for many of the problems we now face as anyone else. Whether it’s the massive national debt, which jumped from $1 trillion to $4 trillion under Reagan, the wave of deregulation or the massive military/industrial complex, Reagan was either partly or fully responsible.

And what did he accomplish?

The right credits him with “winning” the Cold War, but historians are beginning to see that the old USSR was already staggering toward it own demise.

The right credits him with returning the pride in being American, but Reagan was every bit as much the beneficiary of circumstances as Jimmy Carter was their victim.

Ronald Reagan’s one legacy is the disappearing middle class, the ascendancy of the rich in a second Gilded Age.

Obama shouldn’t have made the joke, and he knows it. But it isn’t as if he ridiculed Jesus or Abraham Lincoln.

A hundred years from now, historians will remember Reagan as a mediocre president, the result of style over substance at a time when Americans were becoming more and more ignorant about the forces at work in the world.

Let’s stop worshipping him.


  1. RichardKanePA

    President Bush and then Secretary of State Powell stopped an expanding war between India and Pakistan. And after 9/11 urged people not to deface Muslim Property, dashing bin Laden’s hopes for an Armageddon war, between civilizations. And he didn’t kill bin Laden stopping Bin Laden from being a divine like super hero to a new heresy of Islam

    Unfortunately when he screwed up by not allowing Saddam to leave with the Iraqi treasury, and a US promise of no war crimes he let Cheney take over.

    If we have history books instead of a new dark ages, I think the history books will say these successes out way his many failures.

    Perhaps Powell can joint the administration again and have
    President Bush make more accomplishments in its last days in office.

  2. Flapsaddle

    Obama worship is now the order of the day.

    Kennedy and Reagan have both had their Warholian moment in the spotlight.

    It’s now his turn.

    Image: Slave whispering in conqueror’s ear as his chariot parades triumphantly through the streets of Rome, “remember, thou art mortal!…”

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  3. gazelle1929

    Reagan: The right credits him with winning the cold war. The left points to the pointless invasion of Grenada, a country a bit larger than a postage stamp. And an action which earned the US a condemnation from the UN.

    “The right credits him with returning the pride in being American. . ..” The rest of us point with less than pride to Iran Contra, a President who so confused reality with movies that he thought some movie plots were real events, a President who may have used astrology to help conduct business. A President who brought us that great patriot Oliver North, who would shred the Constitution in order to save it. A President who left the door open for a total of 12 years of disaster under Bush pere and Bush fil. A President who spent us in the direction of the poorhouse and who violated the conservative values that got him where he was.

    Oh, yeah, Reagan was a great one. Eight years of Bedtime for Bonzo. Eight years of a President who had no qualms with letting the religious right wing try to get access to our bedrooms and our doctors’ offices.