Obama when he was debating Richardson, Richardson forgot the question and began answering another one. Obama whispered to him to remind him off the question. Later when Bill Richardson dropped out, he endorsed Obama, not his good personal friend Hillary. This at first made Hillary extremely angry, believing Obama wasn’t supposed to be able to steal one of her best friends and in her anger she began putting her foot in her mouth.

The way Obama wins over people gives him a magical property in the minds of some, which can look spooky if you don’t know what is going on. If he’s spooky, then (to some) must think he is Satanic. Those who accuse him are called rampant racists but those racists never accused Jesse Jackson of witchcraft, because their friends who hate Jackson, don’t all of a sudden meet Jackson, and love him as if Jesse snuck love-potion in their drinks. THIS IS A REVISED VERSION

There has been some amazing changes represented by the organization “Rednecks for Obama”,
According to an Esquire article, even some Nazi types decided they would rather have a black president then permanent wars,

But there is a wall of lingering hurt surrounding the way Sarah Palin has been reacted to, many thousands of people who have arso been accused of being a bimbo, backward, close-minded ect, or socially retarded, feal personally attacked when Sarah Palin is. Most would never spend most of their money on sports or want their communities money to go primarily in that direction ect., etc., but the more people find ways to condemn her thousands more feal personally comdemed by the attacks on her.

To a certain extend Sarah Palin set herself up. Most people who are accused of being an ogre usually fight it. Sarah ended up playing along. Historically George Wallace said, “We treat our colored folk, good,” with a comprehensive welfare plan, and received some local Black support. Reagan claimed to be a compassionate conservative giving the churches and soup kitchens government surplus cheese, grains and other staples, to make sure the poor wouldn’t starve while he was cutting welfare. Bush Jr. has tried to establish efforts that you get more welfare if you are married rather than single.

Sarah Palin has no history of dreaming of Armageddon where Christ will return after Israel reaches Biblical proportions (like Rick Santorum the ex-Senator from Pennsylvania, and Pat Robertson did. She was accused of once supported Pat Buchanan for President, which gets neocons mad. She responded by putting a little Israeli Flag on her desk, which made others pigeon hole her as a pro-Israeli fanatic. Before one assumes that a raving maniac has been defeated from office, it is best to look at what the Jewish Journal has to say,
Besides that Aug 29 article, Amy Klein Jewish Journal’s Religion Editor wrote a clearer on Nov 5, or 6, that seems to be have withdrawn. Your opinion of Sarah has to significantly change if you read these articles.

I am troubled about some of the things but not all of the things Sarah Palin worries about. But her knee-jerk cutting expenditures on everything but sports, made im my mind a caricature out of my troubled feeling so I tried to form “Pro-Lifers Against Sarah Palin’s Extremism” which didn’t get off the ground. It’s important that Obama’s unity efforts doesn’t leave out those including Sarah Palin who fear hurt and maligned by the whole campaign.

The circle Obama started, needs to be completed. Obama could announce that he will nominate Bob Barr to be Attorneys General or a Superior Court judge, and announce that if he gets to appoint several Supreme Court Justices, he will make sure one of them is a libertarian. See,

The US, if not the world, may be facing its final crisis. If the upcoming depression starts getting as serious as the last, Americans may not patiently stand in long soup lines like they did last time. And we can look at the chaos and starvation that fell on Ancient Rome as a glimpse at what is possible. Those who say this, often end up insulting all Muslims by talking about the Muslim hoard not just the very few that think the way to overwhelm the US is to bait us into total bankruptcy.

We have tough times ahead. Al Qaeda may have sleeper-cells hair-triggered to go off as soon as they inherit Pakistani Nukes and the US tries to invade to confiscated them. Some are talking about dividing al Qeada by finding sections we can work with. This will make the bin Laden wing of Al Qaeda extremely upset giving the perception that they attacked the US just as we were giving into them. In other words the perception that they attack us when we show weakness.
Bin Laden or perhaps now the al Qaeda wing of al Qaeda feels the last millennium was one big war or skirmish between the west and Islam, with Islam slowly loosening by not staying focused so dreams inspiring baiting and tricking Muslims to unite in war. With the US heading toward total bankruptcy with ever more expensive smart weapons suited him find. The unwritten agreement with Bush to try to keep the major war temporarily in Iraq also suited Pakistani and Afghan fighters just find. They really, doubt a little, that Shiites are true Muslims so it’s a good place for things to be torn up. But with Obama a future of total US bankruptcy is no longer assured and thus they have reason to attack Americans. Come on everyone amateur kids and lone individuals have no trouble creating mayhem if professionals don’t its because their strategy goes elsewhere, not because our airport security got in the way.

As we talk about a circle of hope surrounding Obama, al Qaeda feels more and desperate, fearing Obama seperating them from other Muslims or even a more militant wing seperated from a more moderate division.

I wonder if it is possible for the circle to actually become complete with a win-win policy toward the bin Laden wing of al Qaeda as well. This, simply by giving them an ultimatum to agree to Prophet Mohammad’s rules, no woman fighters, no prepubescent seven-year-old fighters with remote-controlled suicide belts; no taxing drugs, nor getting drunk before battle. And finally, no not avoiding the innocent, such as when al Qaeda attacked two US embassies in Africa when the streets were filled with people, etc., etc. If they accept this ultimatum then other changes in the future might take place as well. But whatever Obama does or ends up having to fight with, the more people who think what he is accomplishing isn’t by magic the better off the future might be.

A professional background reference by one of the few terror experts not interested in insulting Muslims in general is Adam Elkus. He does quality research with, a detailed analyis in Foreign Policy in Focus. Also reprinted in Counterpunch magazine and should be reprinted elsewhere. I think it is urgently relivant and needs follow up,


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