Yesterday, Senator Obama met with the top briefers from the NSA, CIA, DIA. He was given a history lesson (info which never makes the front pages) and the best insights that all our hundreds of billions in technology can give us. Of course, our intel units are still seriously hampered by having no human based info, but, that’s an issue for another day.

The result? While I would not describe it as panic, the President Elect certainly moved swiftly. His first move after his briefing was to call for an emergency (his words) meeting with his economic council. That alone would explain the market’s pretty foul reaction, as they finally peer into their shorts and notice that they need changing once again.

President Obama called the current economic situation a “crisis.” The Economic Crisis of a Lifetime.

Economic stimulus. Small businesses. Credit Crunch. Global crisis, global response. Auto industry is dying.

What struck me was how the questions were mostly serious, while the answers were substantive, using correct English, proper grammar, and even employing words with more than 6 letters.

In summary, we face an economic crisis. He has a serious plan, created by serious, experienced people, and he is looking for a hypoallergenic rescue dog. Oh, and Candi Crowley has to be one of the dumbest reporters currently wasting space in the Press Corpse. She really expected President Elect Obama to disclose the top secrets that he received in his extensive briefing yesterday?

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