President (elect) Obama on our Economy

Yesterday, Senator Obama met with the top briefers from the NSA, CIA, DIA. He was given a history lesson (info which never makes the front pages) and the best insights that all our hundreds of billions in technology can give us. Of course, our intel units are still seriously hampered by having no human based info, but, that’s an issue for another day.

The result? While I would not describe it as panic, the President Elect certainly moved swiftly. His first move after his briefing was to call for an emergency (his words) meeting with his economic council. That alone would explain the market’s pretty foul reaction, as they finally peer into their shorts and notice that they need changing once again.

President Obama called the current economic situation a “crisis.” The Economic Crisis of a Lifetime.

Economic stimulus. Small businesses. Credit Crunch. Global crisis, global response. Auto industry is dying.

What struck me was how the questions were mostly serious, while the answers were substantive, using correct English, proper grammar, and even employing words with more than 6 letters.

In summary, we face an economic crisis. He has a serious plan, created by serious, experienced people, and he is looking for a hypoallergenic rescue dog. Oh, and Candi Crowley has to be one of the dumbest reporters currently wasting space in the Press Corpse. She really expected President Elect Obama to disclose the top secrets that he received in his extensive briefing yesterday?


  1. Ladywolf55

    Not so fast, pollchecker. Griff has a good point there. I am more than willing to give President-elect Obama his chance to right this sinking ship, and I realize that will take some time.

    On the other hand, people like Griff are needed here. He is trying to be objective about what can or will be done. A little objectivity never hurt anybody.

    I, too, will not just blindly “follow the leader” without trying to look behind the curtain to see what’s going on that we may not realize. Just watching how Bush worked the past eight years is enough to cause me to pause when I begin to think a leader has only the common good in mind. Very few actually do.

    IMO, I think President-elect Obama is a good human being, with good intentions. I like his manner, I like and admire his wife as well. I have great hopes for these two in the White House, because I think they are capable of great things.

    But that doesn’t mean I shut my brain off and stop analyzing what I see happening in the world around me, just letting someone else handle the hard issues. No, we must remain vigilant, or our Republic will be lost, if it’s not already. Time will tell, and I still have hope for this country.

  2. pollchecker

    Grif and others like him consistently poopoo everthing without even giving it a chance. I asked a valid question. No doubt, he will expect me to admit when I am wrong and I have here on this forum.

    As I stated in the very first line of my comment…time will tell. In fact I believe you ended your comment with the same words.

    Hope is a good thing. But hope alone won’t change squat. We have to get involved and make these people do what we want. Otherwise we end up back in the same old mess we had before.

    Lastly, one thing that I have consistently read and heard from people who have met President Elect Obama, is that he is a man that listens. That in and of itself is a stark improvement over the past POTUS’s.

    I expect the Dems to have learned their lessons from the past. 2010 is only 2 years away and you can bet the GOP will be preparing right away to take back the Congress. If the Dems don’t do what the people want, they could lose this window of opportunity and go back to the old divisive crap.

  3. griff

    I’ve admitted when I was wrong in the past, even on these very pages. I can do that. I actually wish that I was wrong more often.

    Obama has already admitted that he will do things that are unpopular. Unpopular to us probabbly, but not to the bankers and corporations.

    We must not fall in lockstep with everything He wants to do. We must question everything, or we will fall into the same partisan trap we have been in the last eight years.

    I’ll tell you what’s going to happen right now. The Republicans (or any opposition whatsoever) have been so discredited at this point that any rational or innocent opposition to Obama’s policies will be met by the same mindless arguments that have permeated this campaign. Racism and Bush.

    We can not allow what happened with Bush to happen again, and that’s exactly what I see with Obama – even more so – provided the complete and utter hatred for anything Republican.

    We can’t even learn from the last eight years, much less from the lessons hard-learned by the Founders.

    And I will tell you right now that Obama will be extremely bad for this country. He has the full support of the media and the Establishment, and that only spells more doom and gloom on the horizon.

    So pardon me for not following blindly the utopian rhetoric of a made-for-tv docu-drama. We have totally bought into everything the Establishment has sold us, and the price tag will be much higher than we can comprehend.

  4. griff

    Yep. I just want to urge caution and not let blind hatred for what Bush has done lead us down the same road. We need to learn from those mistakes and not just fall in line with Obama. This is not the time to let our guard down.

  5. woody188

    We have totally bought into everything the Establishment has sold us, and the price tag will be much higher than we can comprehend.

    LOL! Did you notice that when the Democrats were playing that long song with them all waving and smiling right after they were announced as the next President and VP. They looked extremely uncomfortable, and the audience stopped clapping and waving, leaving only the cheerleader section in the center of the audience waving those flags.

    It looked like buyers remorse right there on election night with the crowd seeing how made for TV Obama and Biden really are.

  6. griff

    I’m afraid I didn’t watch that garbage, although I did catch a few unwanted glimpses on one of the bar TV’s. I thought it was a Stones concert.

    All but one Obama voter I encountered were apologetic and sheepish when admitting how they voted. Yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of buyer’s remorse to come.

  7. CheckerboardStrangler

    Pastor, I’d like to reward Candi Crowley for attempting to ask.
    There’s the old saying, “ya don’t ask, ya don’t get”, and while I was not expecting Obama to reveal his findings in the secret meetings, it was heartening to be reassured by watching him turn down a request.
    Had he even hinted at anything the Republican reaction would have been swift, sure and bordering on criminal prosecution. Thus Candi’s query partially dismounted yet another cog in the giant Republican machine, the one that questions whether Obama’s national security chops are in order.
    Did Ms. Crowley realize there was no chance at getting an answer?
    We might never know, but even if she was clueless I’d still give her a hug because she saved a mutt from being run over by a bus.

    Jeff H in TX

  8. griff

    This “economic crisis” will be Obama’s 9/11. We’ll make the same mistakes we did with Bush. We will blindly follow in this time of “crisis” and hand more power to the exact same people responsible. The only thing that’s changed is the party.

  9. Ardie

    We do face a serious economic crisis — but its antecedent stems from the weakly regulated financial market economy that, frankly, was permitted to leverage wildly. Couple this with a growing, hollow, service sector economy and you have a huge dark cloud of economic disaster on the horizon which the ship of state is sailing into with Bush still at the helm. All this can be corrected if our economists stop thinking like boxes holding sacrosanct the ideas of “free markets” and “free-trade” which, to my mind, are two great economic evils. Let’s call them what they really are, viz., an unregulated lawless economy and offshoring (i.e., trading away America’s productive advantage to China).

  10. Harve3

    IMO, I think President-elect Obama is a good human being, with good intentions.

    It will take more than good intentions and his well-known ability to raise a crowd to succeed in his presidency. FWIW, didn’t some insightful wag suggest: hell is paved with good intentions?

    Hill Country Weisenheimer

  11. raedawn

    I believe that Barak Obama has already shown that he is much more than just a “pretty face” for a desperate nation to pin its hopes on. He ran a close, gritty, down to earth grassroots campaign, without letting anyone edge him into going off point. He is obviously a man who thinks about the big picture and the small parts…wow! Barak is using both sides of his brain. This is not necessarily the usual fare that the American people often see — from “gut” reactions to over-intellectualization to just plain not communicating. We haven’t seen anyone like this in high public office in a long time.

    Just the fact that he had already, before winning the election, put a team together to look at what could be swiftly done about certain regs once he took office shows me the metal and heart of this soon to be President. Will there mistakes? Nobody is perfect, especially when you have to factor in the actions and reactions of others, but as someone in an earlier reply said he passed the trip up question about what he and Bush talked about without so much as batting an eye.

    Now we have to behave like American citizens who know basic civics. Write thank you letters when they are deserved; express our concerns when we feel something is not being addressed; share our thoughts, and most of all, rally around whatever important legislation is put forth to remedy the ills our country is facing. The pill may not be sweet at first, but, personally, I think the fact that people feel hope is something to be highly valued. And Obama has already shown that he will put his intentions where his mouth is, in other words, he will think, feel, and ACT.