The profoundness of Barack Obama’s victory, unfolds in our universal consciousness daily.It’s been a growing experience.
There’s a worldwide sigh of relief, that a seemingly sane human being surfaced,capable,and willing, to Lead this country out of a morass of sins bestowed upon the Earth by a single political party.
Morning Joe Scarborough was furious that someone said there was a choice in this election between Hope, or Fear..he just couldn’t fathom what that meant. How could anyone in his position not have been squirming with discomfort at the shredding of the Constitution,the use of torture, and the plundering of America for eight years?It has been a good ride for Rich Stupid People.
When Florida 2000 was going down, we, Democrats,got a taste of powerlessness, of oppression, of not having anyone on our side with influence.I thought,people of color are going to have to show us how to fight this, because most white people don’t even know what’s happening!And indeed, it was Cynthia McKinney,John Conyers, Maxine Waters,Stephanie Tubb Jones, and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus that did the most to support resistance of any kind.
We saw the rest of the Congress and the Press, buckle to the will of mad dog Republicans, and we whispered to each other in dissent.I remember William Pitt, (Truthout),first speaking out loud,and Michael Moore, and then more and more people began speaking out, and our insurgency was underway. It’s been a long eight years of disappointments and struggle and injustice, and yeah Joe, Fear.
I don’t think I really valued Barack Obama’s valuable Community Organizing skills,discipline, determination, innate decency, until the Convention in August, which is when I really dared to begin to Hope. The win on Tuesday was thrilling, and like a prisoner being let out the jail house door, I’m still faintly worried that I’m going to get shot in the back.
Obama, has already, fulfilled one of his biggest promises: He HAS changed this country, and he HAS changed the World.

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