Sarah Palin succeeded as an athlete, and as a beauty queen, separate fields not many succeed at. She also created a very impressive sports stadium for a small town, and is working toward successes in politics, and advocacy toward certain political or moral causes.

When one’s comments get too shrill, during the heat of an argument, it is helpful to try to cool it afterwards. Some are inclined to decide she represents either goodness or evil, which is bad for our internal, well being as well as, all our general understandings on how this world operates.

To take out of the mix, whether she represents ultimate good or evil, I want to compare her to another person who succeeded in a lot of different fields. Paul Robeson was a great football star, a great actor, during World War II, an advocate for the entire country, against Hitler’s Germany. Then, after the war, an advocate for Black rights, and the rights of the African peoples’ plight in a colonial world. He, like Sarah, as an advocate, got many mad at him.

Both Sarah Palin, Paul Robeson, and their friends claimed or claim, they are being picked on for prejudice reasons. The White Man wants to run the Black Man’s World. This was before the Civil Rights Movement. And Sarah’s supporters claim that women aren’t supposed to succeed, unless they hide their femininity and dress and act, kind of like, a male politician does.

There is an old piece of sheet music, “At the Devil’s Ball” and the album cover has the devil going after a sweet woman,

The woman has an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin, and a blog site noting the image, hinted that this may have something to do with her being a representative of what is bad. I suggested super imposing glasses on the album cover, and was bleeped.

Sarah Palin spends a tremendous amount of effort trying to look, and be, sweet innocence. And it is uncanny as with Paul Robeson, she can so much physically looks the part she was trying to be. Her mannerisms and lipstick, and even her glasses is what an innocent woman would wear. How she responds to insults, such as someone calling her claiming to be an important person, and during the phone call hinting that he wasn’t, is exactly like a sweet young naive thing would do.

The American people weren’t keen on the idea that someone who was sweetly innocent might be in charge of the country some day. And compared Bush telling Saddam “no” when Saddam offered to leave Iraq if he could take the treasury with him and have a US assurance that there would be no war crimes trials, to the kind of President Sarah Palin might be.

Fusing Sarah Palin to John McCain also made McCain’s advocacy seem like sweet innocence. As if McCain wants to return to a naive world where the US people believe they represent goodness and those who disagree with us represent evil. Come to think of it I just realize that Reagan and Bush Jr. also represents a craving for a belief that the US represents the ultimate good in a naive way. And I wonder if there is also a touch of naivety in the Obama revolution as well

I wonder whether Paul Robeson’s crusaders had anything to do with the liberation of Africa, the Civil Right’s Movement and the election of Barrack Obama, or whether if our Western Society ends up deciding that developing babies have rights besides what their parents want for them, whether or not Sarah might become some of the reason why. It’s also possible that by overdoing it they ended up not helping the causes they cherish.

So much for trying to cool off those who think Satan won this round. When those among us who react to the recent election as good triumphed over evil, we may be looking at the world in a more naive fashion than we realize. Those of various political stripes who don’t condemn President Bush for telling Saddam “no” to leaving Iraq with the treasury with him also see the world in a naively simplistic way.

I don’t know how or if people will respond to this. I wrote another insightful piece about the election, warning against dividing human-kind in half, but received no feedback at Capitol Hill Blue, Fire Dog Lake or the Daily Kos. Columns at Daily Kos almost always get responded to, so no comments back, is an amazing achievement in reverse.

Quite a few people think it’s a mistake and harmful to the future to interpret election events as either good smashed evil, or evil triumphs, and to not note that Obama never even suggested such things as a gas tax to fund eco-conversion to safe energy, which got Kerry and Gore in trouble with a lot of voters. When polls said McCain was better on foreign policy, instead of Obama then mentioning that not dealing with and endless hate of US imperial, threatens our children’s and grandchildren’s well being, he made Bidden the Vice President. Meanwhile a depression is looming getting in the way of Obama’s efforts to create unfunded improvements in the services we get.

I’m not trying to give Obama a hard time. I just think he could do a better job if people had a realistic idea, of what is possible and hopefully he develops a more realistic goals as well. Hopefully the silly wars will soon be over but preventing al Qaeda from seizing Pakistani Nukes could still cost a lot of American and foreign blood, and the fact that Americans are sick and tired of war at the very moment when stopping al Qaeda from obtaining Pakistan’s nukes will become urgent, will make doing so that much more difficult.

Perhaps there is a way for us who worry that reality is a necessary comment to understanding what is going on in this world, could get together in some joint way to make our ideas more know to those who think certain causes and the latest hype is the only thing that matters. I hope anyone who finds the above useful will study the much more extensive manuscript at, and suggest other such essays as well,

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