A new dawn, A blue dawn, a brave new dawn. And a little civil war on the side.

History was made last night, and the whole world breathed a huge sigh of relief. African nations created new holidays, Europeans greeted America back to the Roll of Civilized Nations, and Asians were seen crying with joy. Russia’s Pravda News called it the “welcome end of eight years of hell.” You have to hand it to Pravda. They really have our number these days.

Here in the colonies, reactions were no less muted. 10,000 people got the idea that storming the White House to celebrate might be fun. Carrying Obama signs, chanting, singing, dancing, and hugging, they put a temporary scare in the nation’s secret service.

To put things in perspective, 130,000,000 Americans voted in this election, with a black man earning 52% of that vote. No, that’s not accurate. He’s half black. But as newsies repeatedly try to hammer into our heads, “He’s the most “librul” senator in office! He’s worse than the socialist!” Oh dear! Black and Liberal, too?

Whether one considers himself a liberal, “librul,” progressive, or like Senator Sanders, a socialist, for 16 years, people willing to describe themselves in those terms have been rare recently. In great part, that was a natural reaction to the GOP efforts to turn “liberal” and “progressive” into swear words. From Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Tom DeLay, Frist, Sanitorium, to Palin and other ultra-conservative, deregulating, anti-law, anti-tax, war-loving jerks, Liberals were the enemy and had to be stamped out. In 2004, they claimed that they had succeeded. The “Democrat Party,” they claimed, was dead.

My, how times have changed. The role reversal will be written about for a decade to come. Today’s GOP has turned itself into a bigoted, small-minded, anti-science, anti-education, anti-regulation group of greedy bastards, concentrated in the most red parts of the south. In essence, today’s GOP is now a mere regional party.

Even with the GOP in complete collapse and disarray, their spin continues. John Boehner, the failed House Minority leader, continued the drumbeat this way:

America remains a center-right country. Democrats should not make the mistake of viewing Tuesday’s results as a repudiation of conservatism or a validation of big government. Neither should we. Instead of throwing in the towel, as our opponents demand, we must redouble our efforts to develop forward-looking solutions to the challenges Americans face – solutions rooted in the enduring principles of reform that define us as a party. We need to focus on winning the issues, one by one, and presenting principled, superior alternatives that reflect the center-right priorities of the American people, rather than the self-serving priorities of Washington.

Considering his audience, these words are no surprise. He wrote this to other congresscritters in a bid to maintain his Minority leadership position. And his selected audience may really believe that America is center-reich.

Except it is not.

Americans are upset. Tired. Frustrated. Angry. Uninsured. Suffering. Financially stressed. And they just saw their government, their pro-business, anti-consumer, pro-deregulation, government take an additional $700 BILLION in tax dollars and hand it over to the same greedy financiers who created their own mess. (AND paid themselves BILLIONS in faux profit-based bonuses. Let’s not even touch the government teat sucking AIG maroons and their travel plans)

When every expert (who is not a paid political adviser for the GOP) agrees that more regulation is needed for the finance industry, when the greed and frauds perpetrated by pols and their favored donors are the norm, not the exception, and when every single promise made by tax-cutting, anti-regulation forces turned out to be a lie, it is not surprising to see a change in the nation’s mood.

Center-right? America? No longer. Not when 52% of all voters elected for the most liberal senator in the country as their president.

I admit to having mixed emotions about the coming civil war, the one between the Ultra-neocon branch of the GOP and those Republicans who still have a functioning brain. Those emotions range from incredible elation to extreme joy, with tears of laughter providing some relief. Added to their self-destruction, watching them try to parrot their failed arguments and lies (economic, political, social) to the public looks even more pathetic and funny.

The longer they continue to maintain their fictional views of America, (center-reich? my ass) the further from mainstream America they go. In fact, I hope that they continue to make those failed arguments for another 4-6 years. By then the RNCC and RNSC might become clues in Trivial Pursuit as examples of self-defeating, failed organizations.

Today’s GOP is unrecognizable. The party of Lincoln, of the EPA, Clean Water Act, Medicare, and more, has become the party of bigotry, intolerance, irrationally hating science, math, and education, and the party which welcomes into its home the most brain-dead, vile group of religious conservatives that have ever profited off gullible Americans. (Some studies have suggested that the level on mental illness and disease increase measurably, in proportion to the patients’ self-reports on the strength of their religious feelings. Those studies help describe today’s GOP.)

This war will be fun, although there is no telling just how bloody this one will become. But just like car wrecks on a highway, or huge building fires, such disasers in the making are just too interesting to pass up.


  1. RichardKanePA

    I worked for a lot of different losing causes and a few winning ones. The most intriguing was Max Weiner’s Consumer Party.

    While everyone else talks about how much they or we plan to accomplish, he claimed to only want a little bit.

    He formed the Consumers Education and Protection Association, where people would protest for each other to get their money back when they were screwed or scammed by a specific company.

    He never wanted to win an election was just running to educate people. All of a sudden the polls said he was likely to get a seat on city council and he worked day and night dying from a heart attack before election day.

    Everyone else says how much they are going to accomplish and everyone ends up disappointed.

    The Orange Revolution in the country of Georgia, was even more exuberant then the US today, but not 4 years later. (PS talking about Georgia I urge Obama to nominate Bob Barr Attorney General)

    Everyone thought or feared that Sarah Palin would look like a bungling fool in a real Presidential debate. Thus, she so-called won it because she did amazingly better than anyone expected.

    All this hope is bad news. Not that Obama isn’t the most intelligent President, even Presidential candidate other than Stevenson, we will ever get. And it’s wonderful that Blacks were willing to vote for an egghead. No white egghead could be win in this country.

    But Obama is throwing it away with all this false hope.

    More efforts to stop all this corrosive hope at

  2. Malibu

    Mr. Kezelis, you have much to discuss in this commentary. You are correct and the GOP is unrecognizable even to me! There seems to be nothing left to support among the decreasing number of Republicans.

    My main complaint that seemed to have entered our problems starting with President Bush 43, is the movement to punish sinners. I realize this comes from their Christian roots but is it the function of the federal government to encourage this? From a government considered the most corrupt in years, comes this desire to prohibit abortions and gay marriages. If these ever make it into the Bill of Rights as prohibitions, who will enforce them? How many Federal Prisons will have to be built when Americans break a federal law?

    Did we learn nothing from the 18th Amendment when our American streets were flooded with criminals selling the illegal booze? Will this civil war that you describe be found in our own homes? Will our families break up under the pressure of turning in our gay or pregnant teenagers? Will we return to the days of the Salem Witch burnings? Is this the end game of the social conservatives?

    Will most of our United States turn blue to signify many freedoms that we insist upon? Is this what the Republican Party wants? They’ve got Utah and the Bible Belt in the south; isn’t that enough?

    The RNC has turned the Party into a very ugly and corrupt group of politicians who very few can trust.

    I, for one, celebrate the strength and courage of the American voters to slam the door on social conservatives inside and out of our lives. Hell, I’d rather live in freedom than watch America follow the Inquisition of religious governments of the past.

    Great commentary!


  3. erinys

    The Republicans were wrong in proclaiming the demise of the Democratic Party and it is equally foolish for Democrats to proclaim the demise of the Republican Party. Americans, and most other countries as well, swing back and forth between liberal and conservative philosophies on a fairly regular basis. The last three years or so have(hopefully) marked the nadir of the conservative philosophy (honestly, how much lower could they possibly go); so now, with this election past us, we should have a fairly steady swing into dominance of the liberal philosophy.

  4. Malibu

    erinys. You are correct in your words. Going back and forth between right and left is understandable. The problem is that the right wants control over the American people through their nominations of Supreme Court Justices. The Right want the prohibitions and the Left want the court to stay as it is. This new desire for the Right came with the Religious Voters and Supporters who want all abortions banned along with gay marriages. This is a serious restriction in our freedoms and I fear this threat from all Republicans.

    We must never rely on the GOP to take complete control again. They must clean up their agenda and platform and get off these forced restrictions on the people.

    The religious right has great plans for these restrictions to be placed under Governor Palin’s platform in 2012. We must never relax as long as this agenda is still active under the GOP.


  5. Ladywolf55

    Malcolm, I agree with your assessment. Religion must NOT be allowed to define laws in the USA. The separation of church and state must be maintained, and that includes laws of the land. That is in our Constitution, and it must be adhered to, or we are not the USA.

  6. Harve3

    From Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Tom DeLay, Frist,, Sanitorium, to Palin and other ultra-conservative, deregulating, anti-law, anti-tax, war-loving jerks, Liberals were the enemy and had to be stamped out. In 2004, they claimed that they had succeeded. The “Democrat Party,” they claimed, was dead.

    The Hon Richard John Santorum served as US Senator from Pennsylvania. FWIW, the Hon Robert Reich served as Sec Labor in Clinton 1st term and authored a book entitled “The Democratic Party is Dead”.
    Hill Country Weisenheimer

  7. ekaton

    “And they just saw their government, their pro-business, anti-consumer, pro-deregulation, government take an additional $700 BILLION in tax dollars and hand it over to the same greedy financiers who created their own mess.”

    And Obama, who stands well to the right of center, voted for this atrocity and urged others to do so. Hold out all the “hope for change” you like. Ain’t much gonna change. Oh, things will continue to worsen, but nothing much positive will occur. Obama will expand the war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He will NOT remove troops from Iraq, mark my words. He will NOT implement a single-payer health care plan. He WILL continue to BORROW to support a militaristic interventionist foreign policy. But he DOES speak more eloquently than McCain. I guess thats a plus, eh?


    — Kent Shaw

  8. Kibitzer

    A couple of observations.

    (1) erinys:

    “The last three years or so have (hopefully) marked the nadir of the conservative philosophy (honestly, how much lower could they possibly go);…”

    I’m not a Republican, and in some ways am a conservative and in some a liberal; but I can assure you that “the last three years or so” have not been an example of conservatism – ie, true conservatism. True conservatism is cautious, prudent, judicious; does not believe in change for change’s sake; believes in limited government; etc etc. The Bush administration has not been an example of a conservative administration. It has been an example of a neocon administration – ie, intensely internationalistic, throwing caution to the winds, asserting its power outside of its normal parameters; etc – and a provider of corporate welfare. No self-respecting conservative administration would have presided over the blowout of the national debt that the Bush admin has. These rogues have given ‘conservatism’ an unjustified bad name. Call them what they really are: arrogant s.o.b’s. Of which there are examples on both sides of the political aisle.

    (2) Malibu:

    “The problem is that the right wants control over the American people through their nominations of Supreme Court Justices.”

    Let’s be honest here. The ‘right’ was by and large content to let the Constitution be the law of the land – with its built-in restrictions on federal power – until the ‘left’ got involved in its ‘judicial activism’ starting with the Warren Court, and raised many legal issues up to the federal level that were historically matters for the several states to determine. (See the 9th and 10th Amendments for spelled-out clarity on the subject.) And they really let the genie out of the bottle with the Roe v Wade decision, extending the realm of the Constitution into Fairytale land, particularly including the fable of Humpty ‘Words mean what I say they mean’ Dumpty. (Who had a great fall, let us remember.) Which set social conservatives aflame with righteous indignation, and a ‘two-can-play-at-THAT-game’ reactive response; losing sight of their true-conservative political fundamentals in the process. The Left, Malibu, only wants the Court to stay the way it is because it got its way on this issue; upsetting settled precedent in the process. Very short-sighted.

    We were better off with true conservatism across the board. IMHO.

  9. ekaton

    He supported invasion of Pakistan before anyone else suggested it. He voted for amnesty for the spying telecoms. He voted to give 850 billion dollars to wealthy bankers. He supports escalating the war in Afghanistan. Just for starters.

    — Kent Shaw

  10. DejaVuAllOver

    Whoever said, “The Church is the last refuge of scoundrels” had it spot on. THAT little bit of wisdom completely describes why the GOP failed. When you live in a world where facts are meaningless, superstitions and fundamentalism are your guiding principles and every inconvenient truth is to be denied and spat upon, reality will ultimately hand you a big whoopin’. The GOP ran it’s affairs like a Church service, with the very same scoundrels in the pulpit.

    Nice piece as usual, Rob.