The last 24 hours have truly been historic, and for many reasons.

To begin with, the idea that you can judge a person based on the melanin content of their skin is, hands down, the brain dead dumbest idea ever spawned by the human race. To go from Jim Crow to an African-American in the White House in fifty years – actually within a single human lifetime – is an achievement we can all be proud of.

Is Barack Obama, this brilliant and highly educated man with the calm and discipline to run such an incredible campaign, qualified to be president? Of course he is! The last two years have tested him in countless ways and demonstrated that he not only has the smarts and the cool to be president, but he has considerable steel in his spine as well. He is altogether an admirable man.

Unfortunately, Democrats historically have been promoters of the nanny state and protectionism. Democrats are not the champions of the Constitution they would have us believe either. They did bring us Waco, after all.

I am afraid this morning for free trade – real free trade, not the farce of NAFTA.

I am afraid this morning for our economic future.

I am afraid this morning for my civil rights, including my right to own and carry firearms.

Still, this is a new day, and until our new president has had time to get his feet on the ground in the Oval Office and make some policy decisions we can evaluate, it is time to get behind him and encourage him in every way that we can.

Maybe he will be the voice of change that we need.


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