I’ve been watching MSNBC and many Republicans are fired up to try again to get the numbers up in the Congress. Wonderful!!

Is there a chance we could help them along by working on their agenda of more equality among their party members? What about a separation of church and state? Wouldn’t this be wonderful if it came from the GOP?

Another issue would be a desire for a balanced budget. I would like to see the Republicans get off this push for bans on social issues. Can they ever be expected to change? Or will they simply try over and over the same agenda that has lost them their numbers?

I will open the bid for getting the government out of our social issues followed by a balanced budget. Maybe a Presidential pressure to be put on the Governors to bring up the reading scores of their schools.

McCain, under the auspices of the RNC failed to sell the Republican agenda because he was not certain what it was, so he turned on Obama. The Congress did the same thing and lost their seats. Our government needs a balance and we all need to help them find a good agenda.

Anyone interested?


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