As I stated in the title, I hope things really can change.

As someone that sees government of any stripe as something between a necessary evil, and a direct threat to our rights and freedoms as citizens in this country, I hope that the “right change” is what happens, and not “changes in our Rights”.

There has been much bally-hoo from all sides this time around, although that’s not really a surprise considering the nature of the “prize”.

While I did not vote for either of the mainstream party candidates, I am still guardedly hopeful.

I agree we need to change the course the country is headed down, before all we can do is watch it do a final swirl around the drain and vanish into the sewers…

But, the question is: “Can he do it?” Or, “Will he do it?”.

Can Mr Obama remain mindful that the militarization of foreign policy, the domestic spying on honest citizens, and the erosion of the Rights guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must change as quickly as the direction of the economy?

Can he be mindful of the fact that the “average” tax payer of this country is close to revolt due to a totally bloated, unfair, and incomprehensible system?

Does he realize that many of the Bills that he has sponsored as of late will have that same American taxpayer feeding the world, yet ignoring the hungry at home?

Does he even see the direct threat to American sovereignty that getting this country’s policies aligned with those of the U.N. to the extent that he proposes, will pose?

I don’t expect him to be familiar with the Constitution of the United States, or the Bill of rights. I wish, and truly hope that he is, as he’d be the first in a very long time. Most of the “Potentates” that have been elected to office in the close of the last century, and the dawn of this one, where shockingly ignorant of even the basics, let alone the finer points of those “key bits” of understanding. Admittedly, most native born Americans are too…which remains a constant source of surprise and sadness to me…

I hope that Mr Obama will see the need for change (read repeal) of the draconian and distinctly un-American laws known as the “Patriot” act, the NAFTA agreement, the Sarbanes-Oxley act, but to name a very few.

I hope that he can stop dealing with Cuba as if it was some sort of deadly poison…Yes, they are a communist regime, but so is China, and we’ve given them a “most favored” trade status. So why the difference with respect to Cuba?

I hope that Mr. Obama sees that our borders are too porous for this country’s collective benefit, and brings home our fine service men and women to serve this country at home where they belong.

I hope that he can see the need to actually enforce the current laws concerning this painful subject. It IS a hard one to get into a strictly logical perspective, but to coin a phrase, “it’s time to shit or get off the pot”.

The founders were VERY clear, and RIGHT in their fear of this country’s government trying to build an empire. Pax Americanus is a flawed and brutally expensive policy, I hope that Mr. Obama is able to end it.

Yes, it is a necessary evil to maintain “strategic” bases in some parts of the world, but most of the 400 plus places that we have troops are really based on a “Marshal Plan” mentality. We can’t afford to be supporting foreign economies with everything else. We need to look after America first.

I hope that Mr. Obama can see the need to radically change and even do away with the status quo where it concerns special interest money, and lobbyists. We need to be above the “Best government money can buy” ideal.

As I said, I have hopes. Most of them are no doubt unrealistic examples of childish idealism, but I have hopes none the less.

Let’s hope that the landslide victory for “change” clears away the morass of smoke and mirrors that this country has been buried in for the last eight years, and that the “light” at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.

I remain gentle reader, yours in hope.

M. Terry

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