There’s the urge to celebrate but it’s strange that I feel sober. My mood is in consideration of the reason for this success. It centers on the onerous work to be done. While some are previewing the picture of Achilles saving Greece from shame or Joan of Arc saving France, I am more concerned with issues that are minute but very fundamental.

The Bush administration has been an expose in tyranny. Not just the kind of tyranny associated with elected officials but the crude bestiality of ‘teaching a lesson’ to ordinary folks this administration placed on the radar. The accelarated use of National Security Letters, phone and email spying are designed for ordinary folks who criticize his administration. In some cases, recorded transcripts are slightly disguised and broadcasts on networks with alacrity just to tell the victim that he is being watched. What about Guantanamo, renditions and stuff? Whereas the United States has authority to prosecute and punish crime committed against her, using the power of state to score points with ordinary folks not comfortable with government policies is completely childish.

So the first redemptive duty Obama has for the United States is to release all those the Bush administration has placed under queer captivity. They are many and can be found in Guantanamo as well as the streets of the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. This writer is one too. Freedom works both ways, it releases the captive as well as the captor. The mass of the ocean is far greater than the land mass of the earth; the sun is so freaky hot that the earth will make a highly flammable tinder; the wind is potentially more powerful than yet to be designed nuclear bombs, but none of this take advantage of the earth. Held by unseen barriers, they exist together in symbiotic equilibrium.

Its time the United States return to the traditional frontiers of her national existence. Such frontiers as spelt out in the constitution. Such ideas that the government works for the people not against them. Such ideals that the United States is a bastion of democracy not demo- crazy. Upholding such phrases like the inalienable to freedom.

This should be Obama’s first duty in office. In disentangling himself from the Bush web of tyranny, he releases himself from the Bush’s curse.

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